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Ex-NHL Brawler, Now a Coach, Allegedly Hits Teen in Game

Andrew Peters suspended after video makes the rounds

(Newser) - When he played for the Buffalo Sabres, Andrew Peters had one clear role: that of a tough-guy enforcer who was quick to fight. Now he's retired as a player and coaching teens—and in hot water over a hockey brawl. Peters has been suspended as head coach of the... More »

Trio of Enforcer Deaths Puts Spotlight on NHL Fighting

Wade Belak third NHL tough guy to die this year

(Newser) - A trio of deaths has put the spotlight on the role of tough guys in hockey like never before. Recently retired player Wade Belak was found hanged in a hotel room this week. His death follows that of Rick Rypien, who died in apparent suicide last month, and New York... More »

Hockey: Another Brain Damage Culprit?

Brain tissue of Bob Probert shows chronic traumatic encephalopathy

(Newser) - Hockey is famed for its rough-and-tough brawling, but most of the recent conversation about the perils of high-impact sports on the brain have centered around NFL players . That might change. Researchers at Boston University this week announced that they noted chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brain tissue of Bob Probert,... More »

NHL Cracks Down on Fighting

(Newser) - This has been a banner season for fighting in the NHL, and the league doesn’t like that one bit. It’s trying to crack down on “staged fights,” in which two players agree to duke it out as soon as play starts, the Christian Science Monitor reports.... More »

Hockey Thug Suspended for ... Biting?

(Newser) - Turns out the NHL has a bigger bite than Ottawa's Jarkko Ruutu. The league suspended Ruutu two games without pay for biting the gloved hand of Buffalo's Andrew Peters in a game Tuesday. "It's weird to even think that that goes on in hockey," said Peters, known more... More »

Hockey Finds Itself in a Whole New Brawl Game

NHL rough stuff has risen every year since the lockout despite rule changes

(Newser) - Fighting has been as much a part of hockey as skating for generations, but the rough stuff has been on the rise in the NHL since the 2004-05 lockout. By one account, fights are up by 15% from last season. With the enforcer's role becoming more vital, the New York ... More »

Believe It or Not, There's an Art to This

NHL pugilists follow strict etiquette before the gloves come off

(Newser) - Fisticuffs may be frowned upon in most pro sports, the Boston Globe reports, but the NHL has a definite, if brutal, code to fighting on the ice that goes back to hockey’s rural Canadian origins. Most fights are mutually agreed upon between players, and brawlers know who not to... More »

7 Stories