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NATO: Patriot Missiles Are Going to Turkey

(Newser) - Now it's official: NATO agreed today to send Patriot anti-missile systems to Turkey to protect against attacks from war-torn Syria, the AP reports. The systems—which include radars, missiles, and other facilities—will be programmed only to fend off the Syrian shells and mortar rounds that have already killed... More »

Iran Flaunts Defense Systems in War Games

4K miles of radar turned on as planes simulate attack

(Newser) - War games are underway in Iran as the country puts its defensive prowess on display: Radar and signal detection equipment was turned on around 4,200 miles of borderland; military forces went on alert; and six planes staged a mock raid, likely simulating a US or Israeli attack on nuclear... More »

NORAD Sets Sights on Santa

Bizarre tradition dates back to misprinted Christmas ad in 1955

(Newser) - The North American Aerospace Defense Command is ready for its busiest night of the year, when it puts mundane tasks like looking for wandering Russian bombers or North Korean missiles on the back burner and tracks Santa Claus. As it has every Christmas for more than 50 years, NORAD offers... More »

Iran Kicks Off 5 Days of War Games

Drill meant to boost air defense of nuclear facilities

(Newser) - Iran today begins large-scale air defense war games aimed at protecting the country's nuclear facilities, state television reports, adding that the five-day drill will cover a third of the country, including regions that are home to Iran's nuclear facilities. The drill involves both Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, the paramilitary Basij... More »

Before Obama Visited Canada, Russian Bomber Did

(Newser) - On the day before President Obama’s recent visit to Canada, that nation’s warplanes turned back a Russian bomber, the National Post reports. The plane did not enter Canadian airspace, but the incident still alarmed officials, who have striven to enforce sovereignty. “When we see a Russian bear... More »

DC Ups Defenses for Inauguration

No specific threat, says general in detailing January plans

(Newser) - The Pentagon plans a dramatic expansion of the military presence in Washington to coincide with Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration, the Los Angeles Times reports. About 4,000 National Guardsmen and 7,500 active-duty troops will augment local police and security forces, while air patrols will be increased. No... More »

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