Osaka, Japan

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The World's 5 Most Disaster-Prone Cities

Asia is apparently especially risky, insurer's rankings suggest

(Newser) - In the wake of Chile's earthquake, the Guardian was wondering which cities were the riskiest to live in from a natural-disaster perspective. So they checked with a source with a vested interest in knowing precisely that: The re-insurance company Swiss Re. Here are the five cities it's most... More »

Japan Plans 'Backup' Tokyo

Tiny city would be a place for government to retreat in an emergency

(Newser) - The Japanese government wants to be prepared in case Tokyo gets hit with another natural disaster—so officials have devised a plan to build a miniature “backup” capital around an airport some 300 miles away. This little city would include all the buildings the parliament and ministry need to... More »

Smile, Japan: The Boss Is Watching

(Newser) - A Japanese rail company is going the extra mile to ensure its employees keep up a sunny disposition. The company is employing computerized scanners that can measure the curvature of employees' mouths to make sure they’re smiling, the BBC reports. A hospital in Osaka and a truck stop will... More »

PETA Fumes at KFC Offer of Statue to Cubs

(Newser) - The recent recovery of a statue of KFC’s Col. Sanders from a Japanese river is said to have ended a curse on a baseball team there. Which gave the company a clever idea: offer the effigy to the notably hexed Chicago Cubs, Deadspin reports. PETA strenuously objects. “If... More »

Col. Sanders Gives Hope to Baseball Fans

Recovery of statue from river may lift 'curse' on Japanese team

(Newser) - A statue of KFC founder Colonel Sanders tossed into a river in Osaka, Japan, over 2 decades ago has been recovered, possibly ending the "curse" that's widely believed to be shadowing the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, the Mainichi Daily News reports. Jubilant fans tore the mascot from its... More »

Suit Claims In-Flight Booze Led to Domestic Violence

Courts must decide if United jet constituted a bar

(Newser) - A couple has sued United Airlines for deliberately serving the husband too much wine on a 2006 international flight, triggering a physical fight with his wife upon landing. The case rides on whether US courts find United beholden to the same liabilities as bars, and if they can preside over... More »

6 Stories