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Here's How Close Chinese Warships Came to Our Coast

They passed through US waters, about 12 nautical miles from Alaska

(Newser) - Chinese warships weren't just exploring international waters when they ventured close to Alaska on Tuesday. The five ships came within 12 nautical miles of the coast, the Pentagon says, meaning they penetrated US territorial waters, reports the Wall Street Journal . China says its ships sailed to the Bering Sea... More »

China, Japan Trade Barbs in Island Fight

China denies using radar-lock on Japanese destroyer

(Newser) - China is denying that one of its naval vessels put a radar lock on a Japanese warship in waters close to the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had claimed on Wednesday that a Chinese frigate used its radar to gather information on the Japanese destroyer last week—... More »

China Lands First Jet on Its First Aircraft Carrier

Underscores China's naval ambitions

(Newser) - China has successfully landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier, which entered service two months ago, the country's official news agency confirmed today. The Liaoning aircraft carrier underscores China's ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power, but it is not expected to carry a full... More »

China Holds Military Exercises in Disputed Sea

Move comes amid rising territorial tensions

(Newser) - With tensions rising between China, Vietnam, and the Philippines over overlapping territorial claims comes the news that China has held military drills in the disputed South China Sea. State media reports that some 14 boats and a pair of military aircraft participated in three days and nights of exercises meant... More »

US Ship Broke Laws: China

Impeccable may have been snooping on Chinese nuclear subs

(Newser) - Beijing said that a US Navy surveillance ship approached by several Chinese vessels this weekend was conducting illegal information-gathering, the Washington Post reports. The US had completely misrepresented the incident in its complaint, a Foreign Ministry rep. said, as the USS Impeccable was in a "Chinese exclusive economic zone"... More »

Rivals Wary of China's New Sea Power

(Newser) - China's decision to flex its burgeoning naval muscles by sending two warships to patrol Somalia's pirate-infested waters has been met with equal parts thanks and worry from the international community, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The mission is China’s first outside of its own waters, and many are wondering... More »

Chinese Set Sail to Join Fight Against Piracy

First time warships have left home waters in centuries

(Newser) - Chinese warships are leaving home waters today for the first time in centuries, heading to the Gulf of Aden on an anti-piracy mission, CNN reports. Two destroyers and a supply ship are setting out to protect Chinese vessels in response to soaring pirate attacks off Somalia. The warships will join... More »

China May Launch Pirate Patrol

Officials weigh Chinese naval mission in 500 years

(Newser) - China is poised to embark on its first naval combat mission in 500 years—to take on pirates off the coast of Somalia, reports the Financial Times. Any patrols launched would be closely monitored by the US, Russian and British navies, concerned about China's growing  military power.  More »

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