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US Slaps China With Sanctions for Buying Arms From Russia

Military agency bought Russian aircraft, missiles

(Newser) - A Chinese military agency and its director are facing US sanctions over the purchase of Russian weapons, the State Department announced Thursday. China's Equipment Development Department and director Li Shangfu made a "significant transaction" involving the purchase of Russian combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles, State Department spokeswoman Heather... More »

China Has US Targets in Crosshairs: Pentagon

A new report says the People's Liberation Army is training for long-distance strikes

(Newser) - China is flexing its military muscles, according to a Pentagon report that gets right to the troubling point: "Over the last three years, the PLA [People's Liberation Army] has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against... More »

China's New Stealth Fighter Looks Awfully Familiar

Officials say stolen US data helped make J-20

(Newser) - China's newest stealth fighter was surprisingly unveiled Tuesday as two Chengdu J-20 twin-engine prototypes flew at an airshow in Zhuhai in front of a cheering crowd. According to US officials, Washington is actually deserving of the applause. They believe Chinese hackers stole data on America's F-35 and F-22... More »

Why China Is Cutting 300K Troops

Beijing celebrates Communist's WWII 'victory over Japan'

(Newser) - Tanks, missiles, and troops in lock-step filed past Beijing's iconic Tiananmen Square in a massive parade today commemorating Japan's World War II defeat 70 years ago and underlining President Xi Jinping's determination to make China the pre-eminent Asian power. The spectacle involved more than 12,000 troops,... More »

In First, Pentagon Blasts China for Hacks Against US

Says China modernizing military, looking to exploit US weakness

(Newser) - The Pentagon is squarely blaming China for hacking into its computer systems, marking the first time the Obama administration has made the accusation. China's spying is aimed in large part at boosting its own defense capabilities, the Pentagon says in its annual report to Congress , per Reuters . Further, China... More »

At Heart of Vast US Hacking Campaign: China Army

Report tracks prolific attacks to army's Unit 61398

(Newser) - A Shanghai-based unit of China's People's Liberation Army has liberated vast amounts of data from the US and other countries in a huge cyber-spying effort over the last seven years, according to a report from computer security firm Mandiant. PLA Unit 61398—known to some victims as the... More »

China Lands First Jet on Its First Aircraft Carrier

Underscores China's naval ambitions

(Newser) - China has successfully landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier, which entered service two months ago, the country's official news agency confirmed today. The Liaoning aircraft carrier underscores China's ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power, but it is not expected to carry a full... More »

China Will Have Nuclear Subs in 2 Years

New subs could be deployed within 2 years

(Newser) - China's nuclear arsenal is getting larger—and going deeper. Within two years, the Chinese will have submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles, according to a draft report headed Congress' way. And not only is China the only current nuclear power looking to expand its repertoire, but developing such an... More »

China Looks to Wrench Pacific Reign From US

Military buildup challenging America's long dominance

(Newser) - China is engaged in a major military buildup aimed at ending the total domination of the western Pacific that the US has enjoyed since the end of World War II, the Wall Street Journal finds. Pentagon officials, who publicly decline to describe China as a threat, say the number of... More »

Report: China Likely Hacked US Satellites

China strongly denies all reports of endangering security

(Newser) - Hackers who hit two US satellites four times in 2007 and 2008 may have been tied to the Chinese military, reports Bloomberg . “Such interference poses numerous potential threats, particularly if achieved against satellites with more sensitive functions,” says a draft of the annual report by the US-China Economic... More »

Sea Trials Begin for China's First Aircraft Carrier

Move is mostly symbolic but still 'a milestone'

(Newser) - In a highly symbolic move, China today began carrying out sea trials for its first aircraft carrier. The 300-meter-long vessel sounded its horn three times before heading out to sea around the port of Dalian, where it has spent the decade since it was purchased from Ukraine being refurbished, according... More »

Why the US Isn't Sweating China's Lame Aircraft Carrier

The Shi Lang might just be a hunk of junk

(Newser) - China is finally ready to debut its first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lang. But the world shouldn’t exactly be shivering its timbers in fear of this display of military might, writes David Axe of Wired , dubbing the ship “a piece of junk.” The ship’s Ukranian-built engines... More »

US' Next Big Weapon: Sea-Based Drones

One official says some will ultimately be deployed in Asia

(Newser) - The US is developing aircraft carrier-based drones that could provide a crucial edge as it tries to counter China's military rise. American officials have been tightlipped about where the unmanned armed planes might be used, but a top Navy officer has told the AP that some would likely be... More »

Chinese Stealth Fighter Makes First Flight

J-20 makes maiden flight during Robert Gates visit

(Newser) - China's new stealth fighter has made its first flight just hours before Defense Secretary Robert Gates was to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao. The laser-evading J-20 prototype flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in the southwestern city of Chengdu, AP reports. Though likely some years away... More »

US Will Beef Up Military to Counter China

China's military buildup requires a US response, says defense secretary

(Newser) - With China quickly growing as a regional power, the US military is stepping up investment in a range of military technologies, including a long-range nuclear-capable bomber aircraft, a new generation of electronic jammers, and a radar-evading fighter jet, reports the New York Times . China has concerned many with its own... More »

Photos of China's Stealth Fighter Emerge

The first flight could be very soon, say experts

(Newser) - The first clear photos of what appears to be a Chinese stealth fighter prototype have hit the Internet—and they're sparking concerns that China’s military modernization is happening faster than previously thought. The pictures, which many experts believe are authentic, appear to show a J-20 prototype performing a high-sped... More »

We Must Be Ready for War With China

Beijing is building its military, and so should we

(Newser) - China has been busily ramping up its military, working on strategies specifically designed to keep America at bay in Asia if necessary, according to a recent Pentagon report. Yet here in the US, the defense establishment is discussing cutting its budget, and shifting more and more resources to counter-terrorism and... More »

China Schools Seen Behind Cyberattacks on Google

One has ties to military, insiders say

(Newser) - Cyberattacks on Google and other US companies came from two Chinese schools—including one with ties to the country’s military, sources close to the investigation tell the New York Times . Tracing the incidents that far is something of a breakthrough, as experts—including those from the National Security Agency—... More »

'Grandson Mao' Rises Through Army Ranks

Chairman's heir becomes youngest-ever general

(Newser) - Chairman Mao's grandson and only surviving male heir looks unlikely to ever become China's Great Helmsman, but he is rising through the ranks of the People's Liberation Army. At the age of 39 he's the nation's youngest-ever general. Mao Xinyu has no memories of his famous grandfather, who died in... More »

Cyberspies Steal Pentagon's Jet-Fighter Plans

Hackers, possibly Chinese, download specs for Joint Strike Fighter

(Newser) - Cyberspies believed to be working from China repeatedly penetrated the computers of one of the Pentagon's most important weapons programs, reports the Wall Street Journal. Hackers broke into the system for the Joint Strike Fighter Project—the Defense Department's most expensive program ever at $300 billion—and downloaded several terabytes... More »

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