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Smithsonian Launches $500K Kickstarter for Famous Suit

They'll leave lunar dust on Neil Armstrong's moonwalk getup, though

(Newser) - "Reboot the Suit" is the slogan for the Smithsonian Institution's new campaign to restore Neil Armstrong's famous moonwalk spacesuit—and the museum group has launched its first-ever Kickstarter campaign to reach its $500,000 goal, Smithsonian reports. Funds raised will go toward conserving the spacesuit so it... More »

Righty Blogger Infiltrates DC Protest, Ignites Uproar

Spectator pulls writer's claim that he was most effective protester

(Newser) - A right-wing journalist infiltrated the DC protest that ultimately closed the Air and Space Museum this weekend and emerged with the latest scandal to grip the blogosphere: American Spectator writer Patrick Howley wrote that he played the role of agent provocateur, leading the charge against guards at the museum in... More »

Protesters Force Closure of Air & Space Museum

Egypt activist address protester in New York City

(Newser) - About 200 anti-war protesters forced the closing of the Air and Space Museum yesterday afternoon, after clashing with the museum's guards at the building's entrance, reports the Washington Post . October 2011, a group opposed to US involvement in Afghanistan and allied with Occupy DC, was demonstrating against the... More »

For Sale: Space Shuttle, $42M

NASA seeking museums to purchase spacecraft after retirement

(Newser) - NASA is taking the unprecedented step of offering to sell the three space shuttles to museums when the workhorse vehicles are retired some time after 2010, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The space agency is seeking at least $42 million—including $6 million for shipping and handling, and the cost of... More »

4 Stories