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John Walker Lindh Wins Prison Prayer Suit

Former Taliban fighter sued to pray with other Muslims

(Newser) - An American convicted of fighting alongside the Taliban must be allowed to pray daily in a group with other Muslim inmates at his high-security prison in Indiana, a federal judge ruled yesterday. Barring John Walker Lindh and his fellow Muslims from engaging in daily group ritual prayer violates a 1993... More »

'American Taliban' Sues for Prison Prayer Rights

John Walker Lindh wants to pray daily with Muslim group

(Newser) - "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh is expected to testify in an Indianapolis court today as part of his lawsuit seeking the right to arrange a Muslim prayer group in prison. Lindh wants the right to pray daily with other inmates in his secret federal prison facility in Indiana, where... More »

Release Scapegoat 'American Taliban,' Says Dad

John Walker Lindh was a 'scapegoat,' not a traitor

(Newser) - With Osama bin Laden dead, it's time to release John Walker Lindh—the notorious "American Taliban" captured with Taliban forces in Afghanistan just months after 9/11—says father Frank Lindh in the New York Times . "Like Ernest Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War, John had volunteered for... More »

Feds Loosen Restrictions on 'American Taliban'

(Newser) - Federal prison officials are easing up a bit on John Walker Lindh, better known as the American Taliban, reports the Washington Post. All "special administrative measures" against Lindh will expire on Friday, meaning he'll be able to get more visitors, mail, and access to the media, among other things.... More »

Bush Rejected Pardons for Milken, Other 'High Rollers'

'He seems to go out of his way to deny the high rollers, the prominent people,' source says

(Newser) - George Bush formally denied pardons for several prominent politicians and businessmen on his last day in office, the Justice Department told the Los Angeles Times today. Among those whose pleas fell on deaf ears were Michael Milken, a businessman convicted of insider trading and stock evasion, and Randall Cunningham, a... More »

'American Taliban' Pleads for Mercy

Seeks freedom after 7 years in prison

(Newser) - A young California man captured with the Taliban in 2001 is asking President Bush to commute the remaining 13 years of a 20-year prison sentence. John Walker Lindh, 27, joined the Taliban a month before the US-led invasion of Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks. Lindh claims he was never a... More »

6 Stories