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Obama: 'Our War in Iraq Ends This Month'

President promises US will still have 'strong presence'

(Newser) - As the last 6,000 American troops prepare to leave Iraq by Dec. 31, President Obama today heralded the end of the divisive war—but issued a warning to the country's neighbors: The US will continue to have a "strong presence in the Middle East." He added,... More »

A First: No US Deaths in Iraq in August

Iraqi crackdown, US strikes helped

(Newser) - As the US approaches its end-of-year deadline for withdrawing all troops from Iraq, August saw a milestone: It was the first month since the US-led invasion began in March 2003 that saw no American military deaths. The previous record was one soldier death in December 2010, and a military spokesperson... More »

5 US Troops Killed in Iraq

Largest loss of life for American military in Iraq in past two years

(Newser) - Five American troops have been killed in an Iraq rocket attack, according to Iraqi security officials. Three or more rockets hit an Iraqi base in Baghdad this morning where the troops were living as advisers, they say. The US military had earlier acknowledged five troops were killed but offered no... More »

Rumsfeld on Iraq's WMDs: OK, So We 'Misstated'

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were only 'suspected,' he concedes

(Newser) - You know those weapons of mass destruction that triggered the US war on Iraq? Their existence, which turned out to be nonexistent, was only "suspected," Donald Rumsfeld has finally admitted in his new book, Known and Unknown . OK, so "I made a misstatement," he says. At... More »

Bush Official: We Knew Gitmo Inmates Were Innocent

New document claims releasing them was seen as 'politically impossible'

(Newser) - The Bush White House knew that hundreds of early Gitmo detainees were innocent, but refused to release them because the admission would weaken support for the war in Iraq, according to a new document obtained by the Times of London . The charge, by Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary... More »

In Iraq, Hummer's the Hottest Ride

While 20,000 patrol the streets, 20 civilian Hummers are setting a trend

(Newser) - An American military icon has become all the rage in war-weary Baghdad: the Hummer. With at least 20,000 military Humvees on the road, the civilian version seems an unlikely symbol for auto-elitism, but a dealership run by two brothers indicates otherwise. They estimate they've sold 20 H3s in the... More »

Bush United Nation, But Not the Way He Planned

Americans brought together by 'desire to see him gone'

(Newser) - President Bush brought the nation together, all right—it united against him, Rosa Brooks writes in the Los Angeles Times. It's easy to feel disdain for the guy responsible for the war and the economy, the guy who said our enemies "never stop thinking about new ways to harm... More »

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