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Cops: Killer Heir Pees on Candy in Drug Store

Millionaire Robert Durst, 71, charged in Houston incident

(Newser) - Here’s something you don’t see every day—a multimillionaire peeing on a candy display in a CVS. That’s what Robert Durst is accused of doing Sunday in the upscale Texas shopping district Rice Village, KHOU reports. "He got his prescription, paid for it, exposed himself, urinated... More »

10 Celebrity Cross-Dressers

Well, alleged celebrity cross-dressers, in some cases

(Newser) - Last year, the National Enquirer published pictures of John Travolta wearing a dress, fur stole, jewelry, makeup, and a blonde wig at a 1997 party. Radar has a picture ... and 19 more celebrities who've cross-dressed. A sampling:
  • Jeff Chandler: Esther Williams revealed in 1999 that she once found the
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Chris Lee Was Also Trolling for Transgenders

Two women come forward to say congressman emailed with them

(Newser) - For a guy who only dabbled unsuccessfully in Craigslist dating, Chris Lee resigned post-haste, and Gawker thinks it now knows why: Two more women, both transgender and one a prostitute, have come forward to say that they corresponded with the ex-congressman after seeing an ad in which he sought "... More »

My 5-Year-Old Son Can Cross-Dress if He Wants to

'Mommy blogger' gains Internet fame with blog post

(Newser) - A “mommy blogger” made quite an Internet stir with a recent post defending her 5-year-old son’s decision to cross-dress on Halloween. She recounts how, when he showed up at his church pre-school dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo, a group of mothers immediately “went wide-eyed and made... More »

290-lb Transvestite Hooker Pummels Attacker

5'7" kid picked on the wrong prostitute

(Newser) - A would-be robber met his match when he tangoed with the wrong cross-dressing hooker. Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman approached what he thought was a 6'1", 290-pound female prostitute in a pink halter top and pumps. However, that lady-of-the-night turned out to be Joshua Bumpus. When the pair went into an alley... More »

Hyatt Guest Sues Over Cross-Dressing Employee

She found him wearing her underwear, skirt

(Newser) - A Los Angeles woman came back to her Hyatt hotel room to find that a male cleaning person was still inside … and wearing her panties, skirt, and high heels. Dayanara Fernandez, who is now suing the hotel company, found Oscar Garcia-Franco in her Illinois room on June 6 wearing... More »

James Franco Poses in Drag for Mag Cover

Actor is nothing if not comfortable with sexuality

(Newser) - James Franco is no stranger to dressing in drag—as you can see in the gallery, he got dolled up for his Hasty Pudding honors—but he put in a little more effort for his latest cross-dressing stint. The actor (slash writer, student, director…) dons blue eyeshadow and bright... More »

Why I Didn't Want My Son to Wear a Dress

And why Matt Cheplic is sad when he doesn't

(Newser) - When Matt Cheplic’s 4-year-old son announced his desire to dress up as Snow White for Halloween, Cheplic was troubled. “But why?” he wonders on Salon , insisting that he didn’t see the dress “as a threat to my legacy, an insult to generations of men who fought... More »

Cross-Dressing Teen Wins Fight to Wear Dress to Prom

After a fight, New Jersey high school says yes to Derrek Lutz

(Newser) - Here’s a story with a very different outcome than Constance McMillen's : Derrek Lutz’s school told him he couldn’t wear a dress and heels to the prom—but after friends started a petition and a supportive Facebook page, he was allowed in, dress and all. “Yea, I’... More »

Film's Best Cross-Dressers

From Tootsie to Hedwig, Liev joins an illustrious list

(Newser) - Liev Schreiber was “giddy” playing an ex-Marine transvestite in Taking Woodstock, and in his honor, Nerve lists the best cross-dressers in film history:
  • John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch: He "is the epitome of ferocity and theatricality that drag queens around the world aspire to.”
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Starring as Susan Boyle: Robin Williams. Maybe.

(Newser) - A biopic of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle just got some added star power, the UK tabloid Daily Star reports. Robin Williams, no stranger to cross-dressing, has been approached to play the dowdy Britain’s Got Talent songstress. “I’ve been asked if I want to play Susan in... More »

Wife Shot Hubby for Being 'Self-Loathing' Cross Dresser

Violent ex-cop 'sexual deviant,' drove wife mad, attorney argues

(Newser) - A Queens woman is defending herself against charges she murdered her ex-cop husband by arguing that the violent, "self-loathing" cross dresser drove her mad, reports the New York Daily News. "Here was a person engaged in self-loathing, remorse, and an Irish sense of guilt," said the attorney... More »

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