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Apple's Big Announcement: What Is—and Isn't—Coming

Expect 2 new iPhones at today's event

(Newser) - Apple's "special event" is today at 1pm Eastern, so tech blogs are, of course, overflowing with predictions. What can you expect? Here's what 9to5mac and the Verge have to say:
  • iPhone 5S: That's what most people are calling the new iPhone that is sure to debut.
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Jobs Speech Won't Open Rumored Comeback Event

(Newser) - Apple CEO Steve Jobs won’t deliver the keynote speech at an event many thought would mark his return from a health-related leave of absence, the Telegraph reports. An Apple VP will speak in Jobs’ usual spot at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8. Jobs, on medical leave, could... More »

MacWorld Snoozefest Signals Apple's Decline

Swansong keynote labeled the dullest tech talk since Vista's rollout

(Newser) - Apple's keynote address at the MacWorld expo yesterday felt a lot like the end of an era to those who managed to keep their eyes open during it, Dan Lyon writes in Newsweek. Marketing chief Phil Schiller's "almost unbearable" rollout of various new software features instead of thrilling announcements... More »

Jobs Prepares to Pass the Torch: Analyst

Apple icon's lower profile signals shift, regardless of health

(Newser) - Steve Jobs is moving slowly toward the exit, and the Apple CEO has assembled such a strong team that even the absence of the company's "irreplaceable face" won't spell disaster, reports Apple Insider. Jobs' decision to skip MacWorld Expo doesn't mean his health is worsening but is "a... More »

4 Stories