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Doc: I Found the G Spot

In the cadaver of an 83-year-old. But critics aren't so sure

(Newser) - A semi-retired Florida gynecologist says he's found the holy grail of female sexuality: the G spot. To make his discovery, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski went to Poland—which allows dissection of fresh cadavers, unlike the US—to do a postmortem exam on an 83-year-old woman. He found, he writes in... More »

Yes, Yes, YES! There Is a G-Spot: French Docs

Don't listen to the Brits on sex, physicians warn

(Newser) - Yes, Virginia, there is a G-spot. That's what French docs want the world to know in a reminder that when it comes to sex, don't ask the British. UK scientists at Kings College recently declared that there was no proof that the female hyper-pleasure center exists. But French physicians declared... More »

G-Spot Is a Myth

Or at least British researchers can't find it

(Newser) - The G-spot is a figment of the imagination, say British researchers. A team at King's College London based its conclusion on questionnaires sent to more than 1,800 women, all of them pairs of twins. If the G-spot existed as a physical entity, the results would have backed it up,... More »

Joy of Sex Gets A Makeover

Revised edition loses 'frigidity', tackles AIDS and Viagra, and a woman's viewpoint

(Newser) - In 1972, The Joy of Sex became a fixture of bedside tables across America and spent 343 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. Now comes a revised version of the book that includes all we’ve learned about sex since the 1970s, reports the Times—including entries on... More »

4 Stories