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'100% Natural' Quaker Oats? Not Quite, Says Lawsuit

Suit contends oats can't be labeled 'natural' with even trace levels of herbicide

(Newser) - The nearly 140-year-old Quaker Oats brand isn't as wholesome as its name might imply, according to a lawsuit seeking class-action status after trace amounts of the active ingredient in Roundup were found in some oats, which are advertised as being "100% natural," reports the New York Times... More »

McDonald's Makes Even Oatmeal Bad for You

Mark Bittman: It's jam-packed with sugar and 'weird ingredients'

(Newser) - This is remarkable even by McDonald's standards, writes foodie Mark Bittman in the New York Times : The chain has taken oatmeal—one of the world's most simple, inexpensive, and nutritious foods—and turned it into a pricey concoction with more sugar than a Snicker's bar and about the same number... More »

Oatmeal Gets Upscale Reheat

Cheap, healthy breakfast an easy sell for chain stores

(Newser) - Oatmeal is getting a trendy makeover, the Wall Street Journal reports. Drawn to the modest meal by its cheap, healthy, and long-lasting ingredients, smoothie chain Jamba Juice added oatmeal to its Chicago menus today before rolling it out across the US in January, while Starbucks began offering the breakfast classic... More »

3 Stories