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When to Offer $10,415.87 Instead of $10K for a Car

Precision bids don't work on experts

(Newser) - If you've ever wondered whether to offer a specific or rounded bid when making a major purchase, scientists say they've got some answers, and it largely depends on the expertise of the person with whom you're negotiating. Reporting in the journal Psychological Science , researchers say that precise... More »

Companies: Pay Up, or We'll Open Somewhere Else

Taxpayers foot the bill to lure big business

(Newser) - Want a big business like GM or Shell Oil to open up shop in your area? So do state and local officials, who try to lure corporations with incentives like free buildings, tax breaks, and outright cash payments—to the tune of $80 billion a year—but it's hard... More »

Broke Aussie Author Inspires Bidding Frenzy

Rebecca James' debut has publishers seeing next JK Rowling

(Newser) - The publishing world is in a frenzy over a debut novel whose Australian author is drawing comparisons to JK Rowling (Harry Potter? Perhaps you've heard of it.). “Beautiful Malice was one of the most extraordinary manuscripts I’ve read in a very long while,” one editor with... More »

Jacko Glove Sells for $49K

King of Pop's signature accessory fetches twice expected price

(Newser) - One of Michael Jackson’s jewel-encrusted gloves sold for $49,000 in an Australian auction, Reuters reports. The glove, which was the first to go up for sale since Jackson died in June, sold for nearly twice what the Bonhams and Goodman auction house expected. "There was a huge... More »

Huge United Order Sparks Jet Builder Face-Off

Bargain-hunting airline invites Boeing, Airbus to duke it out

(Newser) - Hoping to score a good deal by exploiting the recession, United Airlines has called on Boeing and Airbus to bid on an order for up to 150 new jets, the Wall Street Journal reports. The plan could bring in $10 billion for one of the manufacturers, both of whom face... More »

22-Year-Old's Virginity Auction Tops $3.7M

Grad student says 10,000 men have bid for night of passion

(Newser) - The 22-year-old woman who is auctioning her virginity says she's received some 10,000 bids topping $3.7 million, the Telegraph reports. The offers range the “graphically sexual” to “polite requests from rich businessmen,” says the girl, who goes by “Natalie Dylan” in the auction. “... More »

Sold-Out Kindles Still Available—for a Price

Amazon loses out as savvy buyers trade e-book for big returns

(Newser) - has run out of Kindle e-book readers, sending their prices soaring on the second-hand market and on sites like eBay, reports Bloomberg. Ever since an Oprah endorsement in October cleaned out the online retailer’s stock, those with Kindles in hand have sought to secure a return on... More »

7 Stories