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Mary Tyler Moore Praised as '2nd Great Woman of TV'

She 'was a once-in-a-generation talent'

(Newser) - Hollywood has been deeply saddened by the loss of one of television's greatest stars: Mary Tyler Moore, who died Wednesday at the age of 80 . Co-stars and fans describe the Dick Van Dyke Show and Mary Tyler Moore Show star as a uniquely gifted woman who blazed a trail... More »

This Might Be Key Ingredient to a Happy Marriage

Gratitude can disrupt the common demand-withdraw cycle in relationships

(Newser) - The key to a happy and lasting marriage might be as simple as regularly expressing gratitude. So report researchers from the University of Georgia in a new study published in the journal Personal Relationships . After interviewing 468 married individuals on relationship satisfaction, covering everything from communication habits to finances, they... More »

'Fonzie' Recalls Robin Williams' TV Debut: 'He Was a Miracle'

Before 'Mork & Mindy' came a cameo on 'Happy Days'

(Newser) - Robin Williams fans know that the TV show Mork & Mindy launched him to national fame. But bigger fans know that he first played his alien character in an episode of Happy Days. Last night, Henry "the Fonz" Winkler told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that it was clear from... More »

Robin Williams: Not 'a Faster Brain on the Planet'

At least when it came to comedy; tributes rolling in

(Newser) - After Robin Williams' sudden death , the tributes are rolling in, with many recalling a comic genius grappling with private challenges. A sampling:
  • When it comes to comedy, "there wasn't a faster brain on the planet," writes Tony Hicks in the Contra Costa Times . We'll be hearing
... More »

Ebert Was Our 'Ideal Companion' at the Movies

Wife, fellow critics reflect on his legacy

(Newser) - Following Roger Ebert's passing, voices across the country are remembering his landmark contribution to film criticism—as well as his companionship.
  • At Variety , Justin Chang reflects on Ebert's "characteristic good nature and genuine delight in engaging with his readers—the very qualities that made him, for so
... More »

Humorist David Rakoff Dead at 47

Admirers across the Internet remember the essayist

(Newser) - David Rakoff, longtime contributor to This American Life, essayist adored for his cynical point of view, and beloved voice for the gay and Jewish communities, died of cancer yesterday at 47, reports the Huffington Post . Some tributes:
  • Margalit Fox, New York Times : Rakoff was a "was a social anthropologist
... More »

Gore Vidal: Controversial, Acerbic, and Brilliant

The legend remembered, in part through his own words

(Newser) - Gore Vidal has passed away , and that means everyone is contemplating the life of one of America's most caustic, controversial men of letters. Of course, given that Vidal once said he hoped to be remembered as "the person who wrote the best sentences of his time," the... More »

Donna Summer Was 'Queen of Pop'

Don't just limit her to disco, say critics

(Newser) - Following today's news of Donna Summer's death, critics and fans are lining up to pay their respects to the Queen of Disco. A few highlights from around the Web:
  • Queen of Disco? "A more appropriate title would have been Queen of Pop," writes Melinda Newman at
... More »

Remembering Mike Wallace

'60 Minutes' correspondent 'loved being Mike Wallace'

(Newser) - Appreciations are pouring in for legendary CBS news correspondent Mike Wallace, who died today at age 93 . Not only did he pioneer the modern news interview, he "loved being Mike Wallace"—but was haunted by his role in the accidental death of his teenage son Peter:
  • In an
... More »

Music Industry Mourns Icon Houston

Singers, critics, pros all call her one of greatest ever

(Newser) - Tributes are pouring in for the career of the late Whitney Houston, after her shocking death yesterday, focusing on her uniquely powerful voice and incredible catalogue of hits. A sampling:
  • "At her peak, Houston was the golden girl of the music industry," praised Billboard . "She wowed audiences
... More »

Andy Rooney: Our 'Lovably Cantankerous Commentator'

Even if he did get mean at times

(Newser) - If Andy Rooney is in the "great beyond," he's probably picking a few bones about "all that harp-playing" and "the long line at the Pearly Gates," Frazier Moore muses for the AP . And why not? It was Rooney's unmistakable style during a 92-year-life... More »

Remember Taylor as She Was: In Bed

Screen legend managed to be prostrate in nearly every movie

(Newser) - We remember John Wayne in the saddle, Brigitte Bardot on the sand—and as for Elizabeth Taylor, we’ll remember her on a bed, writes Tim Robey in the Telegraph . Somehow, she managed to sprawl over soft furniture in “most of her key roles,” he notes. “One... More »

Elizabeth Taylor: Oh, Those Eyes

Kenneth Turan: She mesmerized us from the get-go

(Newser) - For Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan, an indelible image of Elizabeth Taylor comes early in her career in A Place in the Sun, filmed when she was just 17. "The actress' face in huge close-up is so exquisitely, so heartbreakingly beautiful you never doubt that (Montgomery) Clift's... More »

Your House Isn't Going to Appreciate Like Mad

Those days are done, say economists

(Newser) - In the good old days, a house was generally synonymous with "cash cow," a rapidly appreciating investment that all but guaranteed a comfortable retirement and paid for college tuition and vacations along the way. Those days of quick appreciation are gone, say economists, and have been replaced by... More »

Your Fave Band's Fave Band Was Probably Big Star

Alex Chilton: Not a commercial success, but hugely influential

(Newser) - Critics mourn Alex Chilton, who might not even have been on your radar before his death yesterday. But the Big Star frontman—whose songs have been covered by everyone from Elliott Smith to Wilco—will be now, and for good reason. Some takes on his legacy:
  • Chilton "pretty much
... More »

Swayze: Not Afraid to Laugh at His Own Hunkiness

Actor didn't want to be just another pretty face, made sure he wasn't

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze, who died today at 57, wasn’t the first choice for the male lead in Dirty Dancing, the BBC notes, but “his performance earned him award nominations and a place on bedroom walls of lovelorn teenage girls around the world.” He eschewed Hollywood’s scene—preferring... More »

Ted Was the Greatest Kennedy

(Newser) - On the weekend of his inauguration, John F. Kennedy gave his youngest brother a cigarette case engraved with the words, “And the last shall be first.” Fifty years later, that prophesy has come true, writes Richard Lacayo of Time. The "long shadow of Chappaquiddick" may have kept... More »

To Friends, Hardliner Novak Was a 'Pussycat'

Hard work made him 'the ultimate insider journalist'

(Newser) - Bob Novak called himself a “rough and tumble” journalist, “but to his friends and colleagues, he could be a pussycat,” writes Eleanor Clift in Newsweek. Despite their widely divergent views, Novak—who died today at 78—helped Clift get a spot on the then-all-male McLaughlin Group. When... More »

Somehow, Aquino Kept Her Halo

(Newser) - Before his murder, Benigno Aquino predicted that anyone who succeeded Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos would smell like manure in six months. But his own wife would prove him wrong, writes Howard Chua-Eoan of Time. Corazon “Cory” Aquino, who died yesterday of heart failure, was a political saint who never... More »

Rot in Hell, Mr. McNamara

(Newser) - At long last, Robert Strange McNamara has “shuffled off to join LBJ and Dick Nixon in the 7th level of hell,” writes journalist and author Joseph Galloway, who couldn’t be more pleased. “McNamara was the original bean-counter—a man who knew the cost of everything but... More »

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