Denver International Airport

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Super-Secret Bunkers Under Denver Airport? Eh, Maybe

A writer explores conspiracy theories, doesn't think this one is so far-fetched

(Newser) - Denver International Airport is, among other things, a magnet for wackadoo conspiracy theories . The 32-foot statue of a blue mustang with glowing orange eyes doesn't help, nor does the fact that a piece of the horse fell off and killed the sculptor while it was a work in progress,... More »

Jet Catches Fire on Runway, Passengers Evacuated

Cause of fire at Denver airport still being investigated

(Newser) - One of the engines of a regional jet caught fire on a taxiway shortly after landing at Denver International Airport on Sunday afternoon, the AP reports. SkyWest spokeswoman Marissa Snow says the 59 passengers on the United Express plane operated by SkyWest were safely evacuated. No one was injured on... More »

Driver Killed, Teens Hurt in Bizarre Airport Bus Crash

Bus inexplicably circled back after picking up high school football team

(Newser) - A school bus driver was killed and up to 20 of her passengers were hospitalized after a bizarre crash at Denver International Airport Sunday afternoon. Cops say the driver had picked up 28 members of the Legacy High School football team and four coaches when she inexplicably circled back to... More »

Why Denver's Airport Has So Many Crazy Tales

Atlas Obscura rounds up the conspiracy theories

(Newser) - Airports are routinely ranked on things like arrival and departure times, but if there were a category for conspiracy theories, one airport would take first place every time: Denver International. Atlas Obscura rounds up some of the more bizarre ones surrounding the airport, which happens to be the largest by... More »

2 TSA Screeners Fired Over Groping Scheme

CBS Denver: Male employee got help to perform patdowns on attractive men

(Newser) - TSA would have us believe that all its screeners are professionals who would never, ever stoop to gawking at our X-rayed private parts or, maybe worse, copping a feel. CBS Denver , however, reports that two screeners at Denver's airport have been fired after their groping scheme was uncovered. It... More »

Denver Airport: No More Pot-Themed Souvenirs

'There's more to our state,' airport spokesman says

(Newser) - People flying out of the main airport in the Mile High City will no longer be allowed to buy souvenirs to remind them of how they got legally high there. Marijuana is still banned in Denver International Airport and authorities have decided to ban marijuana-themed keepsakes as well, reports USA ... More »

Woman Outdoes TSA, Strips in Airport

She's whisked off to hospital

(Newser) - TSA agents are itching for strip searches? They got a strip search. When a feisty traveler at Denver International was told to put out her cigarette in a nonsmoking area of the airport, she suddenly stripped off every stitch of clothing. TSA agents responded—and transported her to a local... More »

Passenger Raped in Denver Airport

Victims said workers didn't intervene to stop attack

(Newser) - The family of a woman raped in a Denver airport terminal earlier this week is accusing airport workers of walking by without intervening. The woman—who was in the airport late at night after missing a flight—was attacked by a stranger in the nearly deserted terminal after she refused... More »

'God of Dead' Creeps Out Denver Airport Travelers

It's 'bad voodoo,' says one bugged traveler

(Newser) - A 7-ton statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, has been making the rounds, promoting a traveling King Tut exhibit that's already been to London, New York, and Dallas. But its latest stop, outside the main terminal of the Denver International Airport, isn't going over so well, reports... More »

Plane Diverts to Denver After Passenger Tries to Open Door

Cops take him into custody, alcohol involved

(Newser) - A United Airlines jetliner carrying more than 100 people from Washington, DC, to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver yesterday after a passenger tried to open an exterior door on the plane while it was in flight, officials said. Denver police took the passenger into custody and were interviewing him... More »

FAA Starts Own Balloon Boy Probe

Flight delays at Denver airport during caper could result in fines

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration is the latest agency to start its own investigation of last week’s Colorado balloon circus, with authorities looking into delays at Denver International Airport during the craft’s flight. And while local law enforcement wants criminal charges against the Heene family, any FAA violations would... More »

Balloon Family Feels 'Under Siege': Lawyer

Lawyer says stunt has turned into a "nightmare for the family."

(Newser) - Richard and Mayumi Heene are likely regretting the hoax they staged using their 6-year-old son and a balloon: With criminal charges looming and public opinion turning against them, the family feels “under siege,” their lawyer said today. The FAA has opened an investigation into the incident; it has... More »

'Demon Horse' Divides Denver

Critics stampede to complain about sculptire of 32-foot mustang with blazing red eyes

(Newser) - A fierce controversy has reared up in Denver over a gigantic blue mustang that looms at the gateway to the city's airport, reports the Wall Street Journal. Naysayers complain that a "terrifying" 32-foot sculpture with glowing red eyes isn't the kind of first impression Denver should be giving visitors.... More »

2 Injured in Denver Plane Accident Out of Hospital

Pilot of aircraft that skidded off snowy runway among patients released

(Newser) - A spokeswoman says the pilot of a Continental Airlines jetliner that veered off a runway in Denver has been released from a hospital, the AP reports. Continental's Kelly Cripe said today the plane's captain and one other person were released from the University of Colorado Hospital. Cripe wouldn't discuss the... More »

Tires, Brakes Linked to Crash; Voice Data 'Good'

Voice, data recorders in Washington, should produce info tonight

(Newser) - Brakes, tires, or landing gear likely caused the Denver airliner crash that injured 40 on Saturday, a source tells CNN. Meanwhile the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its probe of the accident, and revealed that both black boxes on the plane contained clear information. "Tonight, we should have... More »

Brakes Suspected in Denver Crash

Jet pulled to the side before collapsing with thud in snowy ravine

(Newser) - Investigators believe a faulty braking system and landing gear may be to blame for a fiery crash in Denver where a Houston-bound jet veered off a runway into a snowy ravine. The weather apparently played no role in the accident, and asymmetrical braking appears a likely cause, sources told the... More »

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