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Was New 9/11 Debris Hidden on Purpose?

Officials mull possibility landing gear was placed using rope

(Newser) - After surveyors discovered what appears to be plane landing gear from the 9/11 attacks, authorities are wondering how it got sandwiched between two buildings—one of them housing a much-debated Islamic community center. "The odds of it entering that space at exactly that angle that would permit it to... More »

Plane Debris Apparently From 9/11 Found in NYC

NYPD says part of landing gear was wedged between two buildings

(Newser) - Surveyors in lower Manhattan have found what appears to be one more piece of plane debris from the 9/11 attacks, reports DNA Info and AP . The NYPD thinks it's a piece of landing gear from one of the two hijacked planes—it even has a Boeing identification number. It... More »

Plane Lands on Engine in Turkey

No one injured in Sky Airlines mishap

(Newser) - A plane en route from Germany landed on its engine at a Turkish airport following the collapse of its landing gear, a Turkish official says. None of the 156 people on board were injured. The landing gear of the Sky Airlines flight broke during the landing at Antalya Airport, causing... More »

Did Dead NC Teen Fall Out of a Plane?

Delvonte Tisdale may have been a stowaway, unhappy at home

(Newser) - There is a "remote" possibility that a teen whose battered remains were found near Boston's Logan International Airport died after falling from a plane's landing gear, authorities say. Delvonte Tisdale was last seen in his North Carolina home Nov. 14, and never returned home from school the following day.... More »

Oops: JetBlue Left Emergency Brake on

Sparks fly thanks to pilot error

(Newser) - A JetBlue plane blew out four of its tires last month, sending sparks flying down a Sacramento runway, and now the National Transportation Safety Board knows why: Someone left the parking brake on. Flight data show the parking brake was engaged at 5,100 feet, and never turned off, Failure... More »

Denver Crash a Mystery Again

Rattling noise heard just before plane veered off runway and passengers panicked

(Newser) - Indications that a problem with the landing gear, brakes or tires caused a plane to skid off the runway in Denver have proved not to be true, CNN reports. Voice and data recorders reveal bumping and rattling sounds moments before the crash, investigators now say. The plane's captain is recovering... More »

Tires, Brakes Linked to Crash; Voice Data 'Good'

Voice, data recorders in Washington, should produce info tonight

(Newser) - Brakes, tires, or landing gear likely caused the Denver airliner crash that injured 40 on Saturday, a source tells CNN. Meanwhile the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its probe of the accident, and revealed that both black boxes on the plane contained clear information. "Tonight, we should have... More »

Brakes Suspected in Denver Crash

Jet pulled to the side before collapsing with thud in snowy ravine

(Newser) - Investigators believe a faulty braking system and landing gear may be to blame for a fiery crash in Denver where a Houston-bound jet veered off a runway into a snowy ravine. The weather apparently played no role in the accident, and asymmetrical braking appears a likely cause, sources told the... More »

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