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Preschooler Suspended Over Potty Accidents

Zoe Rosso, 3, was removed for a month from her Arlington, Va., school

(Newser) - Didn’t think it was possible to get suspended from preschool? It is—and 3-year-old Zoe Rosso found herself booted for a full month, thanks to a few too many potty accidents. Rosso was removed from a Montessori preschool in Arlington, Va.—escorted out, along with her mother, by... More »

Not Stressed Enough? Potty Train Your Cat

But dis is where kitteh drinkz from, concerned felines meow

(Newser) - Anne Marie Chaker has joined a small but growing number of cat owners intent on using specialized equipment to complete an almost Sisyphean task: potty training their feline friends. Products on the market are selling much better this year than in the past, and they all work pretty much the... More »

Critics Dump on Potty-Training Baby Dolls

(Newser) - This year's hot toy is as chatty as Tickle Me Elmo but much, much more realistic. Little girls are crazy for new baby dolls that eat and excrete, but psychologists and some parents aren't thrilled with Hasbro's Baby Alive Learns to Potty and Mattel's Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Gotta... More »

3 Stories