Alexander Lebedev

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Russian Billionaires Brawl on TV

Just try not to laugh out loud. Really.

(Newser) - It's hard to say what makes this footage of one Russian tycoon sucker-punching another on a TV show extra hilarious: Maybe it's the glowing purple orb that sits in the middle of the discussion about the economic crisis. Maybe it's because property developer Sergei Polonsky announces he... More »

Iconic London Paper Goes Free After 182 Years

Owners eliminate cover price as Evening Standard hemorrhages cash

(Newser) - The Evening Standard, London's 182-year-old afternoon newspaper, will become a freesheet later this month in an attempt to pump up the struggling title's circulation. The Standard, purchased by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev last year for the fire-sale price of one pound, loses $16 million a year and may fire staff... More »

Putin Denies Digging ABBA Cover Show

But spokesman admits that ex-KGB agent is a fan

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin is no dancing queen, the Kremlin insists, denying reports that Russia’s prime minister attended a hush-hush ABBA cover concert, AFP reports. “Officially and for sure Vladimir Putin never took part in any concert of the kind,” Putin’s spokesman said. “He wasn’t there.... More »

Mamma Mia! Putin's a Dancing Queen

Putin's secret Abba tribute band concert

(Newser) - Russia's Vladimir Putin may appear to have ice flowing through his veins, but beneath that arctic exterior is the pulsating heart of an ABBA fan. The Russian PM paid $30,000 to have Abba tribute group Bjorn Again secretly flown to Moscow for a private concert for himself and a... More »

Want to Own a Newspaper? Got $1.50?

Russian oligarch buying iconic London paper for token sum

(Newser) - A Russian oligarch with a past in the KGB is set to buy one of London's most visible newspapers, at the knockdown price of just a buck and a half. Alexander Lebedev will acquire the Evening Standard for the token price—the cost of two copies—from a media conglomerate... More »

Russia Tycoons Seek $78B Kremlin Bailout

Looming foreign debt forces oligarchs to return power to state

(Newser) - A dozen years after bailing out the Soviet government, Russia’s oligarchs are seeking $78 billion in Kremlin handouts to weather the credit crunch, Bloomberg reports. Russian businesses have racked up some $110 billion in foreign debt due in 2009. The one-year loans, sought by more than 100 companies, would... More »

6 Stories