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Ariz. Hospital Fires 3 for Snooping on Shooting Victims

Three employees accessed confidential medical records

(Newser) - The University Medical Center in Tucson has fired three employees for illicitly accessing confidential medical records on the victims of Saturday’s shooting. The hospital is playing host to six of the people injured in the shooting, including Gabrielle Giffords, according to the Arizona Daily Star . Administrators announced the firings... More »

Apple Sought Gag Deal Over Exploding iPod

(Newser) - Apple tried to silence an angry British father and daughter with a gag order after the girl's iPod Touch exploded and "went 10 feet in the air," said the dad. The company offered a full refund of $275 for the music player, but only if the two agreed... More »

To Promote Reporting, FAA Wants Bird Strike Info Secret

(Newser) - The FAA wants bird strike information kept confidential to encourage accurate reporting by airlines, ABC News reports. “There is a serious potential that information related to bird strikes will not be submitted because of fear that the disclosure of raw data could unfairly cast unfounded aspersions on the submitter,... More »

Financial PR Firms Walk a Thin Line

(Newser) - An insider trading case has exposed the potentially problematic relationship between PR companies and corporate clients, and it could have dire consequences for at least one firm, Reuters reports. A Lehman Brothers employee is charged with leaking merger information he got from his wife, a partner at the Brunswick Group... More »

4 Stories