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Brown, Huffington Tweak Feud Report

HuffPo, Daily Beast proprietors trash Guardian rumors

(Newser) - Sure, the Daily Beast's Tina Brown wants a Newsweek merger because she crazy-hates rival Arianna Huffington, or so claims the Guardian. "We are sooooo busted," laments one AriHuff in a "leaked" IM conversation with one TBrown. "How did they find out we 'simply cannot stand each... More »

Newser Editors the 'Chefs of the Internet'

'Dilbert' creator loves us, he really loves us

(Newser) - Usually when your humble Newser editors aggregate ourselves, it involves a spat over whether what we do is "stealing" or "news curation." Over at, creator Scott Adams ignores those niggling details to consider the net result: An aggregator that, though "little more than a... More »

Wolff to Waxman: 'Sue Us, Anytime'

Unrepentant founder insists Newser sources properly

(Newser) - Newser founder Michael Wolff and Sharon Waxman of The Wrap took their feud from cyberspace to the airwaves today, facing off on CNN's Reliable Sources over Newser's sourcing practices. She slammed Newser for "scant linkage" and said, "Just give us proper credit." "Bull," retorted Wolff.... More »

Sorry, Sharon: Newser Proves Shorter Can Be Better

It may be painful to long-form writers, but Newser is 'a smart idea'

(Newser) - Jack Shafer doesn't like Michael Wolff—he really, really doesn't like him—but he has to admit that in the battle of Wolff (for Newser) vs Sharon Waxman (for the Wrap), he's on Wolff's side. That's because Newser has something to teach Waxman and other news purists, he writes on... More »

Rupe Not Likely to Yank Content From Google

But News Corp. will erect higher pay walls

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch is not likely to go through with his plan to remove News Corp. content from Google News. He could negotiate a big payout from Microsoft for "de-Googled" content to place on Bing, Jason Calcanis suggests. But that's not likely to hurt Google, or help Bing, unless other... More »

Online TV, Movie Guide Impresses

Clicker takes the drudgery out of finding what you want

(Newser) - The Web is so rich with TV and movie options that organizing the content is a daunting task. “You could browse multiple sites, including crowd-pleasers like Hulu, but that's too slow and tedious,” Jeff Bertolucci writes. Enter Clicker , a new aggregating website its CEO calls “one part... More »

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...

...and founder Michael Wolff is in jail

(Newser) - The year is 2012, and Michael Wolff is in prison. He’s the first high-profile conviction under 2011’s anti-aggregation law, the draconian act that’s allowed newspapers to duck behind ever-pricier paywalls. These days, a New York Times subscription will run you $7,000, and “the cultural divide... More »

With FriendFeed, Facebook Aims to Rule Social Media

FriendFeed buy is bid to consolidate Internet

(Newser) - Facebook’s $47.5 million purchase of FriendFeed is about more than competing with Twitter in real-time search, Chadwick Matlin argues for the Washington Post. Facebook could use FriendFeed and Facebook Connect to become a “social media aggregator”—a hub for all content its users create and peruse... More »

It's Time for Newspapers to 'Grow a Pair'

(Newser) - Newspapers are doomed, and if they’re looking for someone to blame, they should start with themselves, writes Bill Wyman for Splice in the second part of his industry critique. The "garrulous" Luddites working at newspapers—from managers to reporters—never considered the implications of technology. “They were... More »

How Newspapers Are Killing Themselves

(Newser) - In the avalanche of reporting and commentary on the collapse of the newspaper business, a number of salient, none-too-flattering facts have been overlooked about how newspapers contributed to their own demise, Bill Wyman writes on Splice. First, there's the misunderstanding that readers pay for news. It's advertisers who pay, and... More »

Parasitic, Tabloid HuffPo Just Pretends to Do Journalism

The 'supposedly revolutionary über-blog' wears no clothes: Dumenco

(Newser) - Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse journalism school recently awarded Arianna Huffington one of their lifetime achievement awards, an honor that strikes Simon Dumenco as absurd, he writes for Advertising Age. It sounds like a brutally ironic joke: a school for training journalists honors someone who’s built a popular website... More »

Death of Newspapers Won't Kill the News

(Newser) - Before newspapers held sway over politicians and maintained monopolies under federal anti-trust exemptions, they were a service people were willing to pay for, Michael Kinsley writes in the Washington Post. Even if “technology is on the verge of removing some traditionally vital organs of the body politic,” they... More »

Google a 'Tapeworm:' WSJ Exec

(Newser) - Content aggregators like Google—and yes, the humble site you’re reading now—are “parasites or tech tapeworms in the intestines of the Internet,” Robert Thomson, editor of the Wall Street Journal, told fellow News Corp. paper the Australian last week. He warned that the “mistaken perception”... More »

Newspapers of the World, Unite: Carr

Collusion could avert disaster—but it won't happen

(Newser) - The newspaper industry is in dire straits, and to fix it, its bosses must “hold hands and jump off the following cliffs together,” writes David Carr in the New York Times. First, end free web access; it will  drive away some readers, but they're not paying for quality... More »

Web Copyright Lawsuit Could Cripple the Freedom to Link

Community outlet says big papers siphon off page views with mere snippets of info

(Newser) - A local newspaper chain is suing the New York Times Company for pilfering its online content, and the case could dramatically change how news sites link, Danny Sanchez writes on Journalistopia. GateHouse Media says readers can glean enough information from the snippets linked by the Boston Globe and therefore don’... More »

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