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Kudos to Baier for Showing How to Handle Obama

Health care interview was 'startling and revealing'

(Newser) - Fox's Bret Baier performed a vital public service in his "startling and revealing" interview with President Obama on health care, writes Peggy Noonan. Unlike the vast majority of reporters, Baier refused to let Obama filibuster his way through the interview, and by doing so exposed the amazing fact the... More »

Obama on Fox: Health Care Reform Will Pass

This is about reform, not 'procedural rules,' he says

(Newser) - President Obama tells Fox News he isn't worried about the legislative acrobatics under way to pass health care reform—and voters shouldn't be, either. "I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate,'' Obama said in a rare... More »

Obama Will Make His Case—on Fox News

President agrees to interview tomorrow

(Newser) - President Obama takes his pitch for health care reform to unusual territory tomorrow: He's agreed to an interview on Fox News at 6pm. Obama will take questions from Special Report host Bret Baier. "Obviously, they have a pretty big audience share," explains Robert Gibbs, "and I think... More »

In Palin We Don't Trust: Fox Checks Coin Claim

GOP, not Dems, moved 'In God We Trust' to edge of coin

(Newser) - Even Fox News has started fact-checking Sarah Palin. Last night anchor Bret Baier responded to Palin's claim during a speech Friday that the phrase "In God We Trust" had recently moved from the face to the rim of the new dollar coin: Another case of Obama pushing a secular... More »

Bret Baier Replacing Hume on Fox's Special Report

Chief White House correspondent will take over cable network's nightly newscast

(Newser) - Bret Baier will host Special Report, Fox News’ nightly broadcast from its Washington bureau, after veteran Brit Hume departs, Politico reports. Hume’s farewell show is tonight, but he will continue to work for the channel as a political analyst. Baier is currently Fox’s chief White House correspondent and... More »

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