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Feds Snooping in Our Twitter Account: WikiLeaks

Leakers unseal court order seeking messages, contact info

(Newser) - The US is trying to strong-arm Twitter into forking over WikiLeaks' account details, subpoenaing private messages and contact details alike of Julian Assange and Co., reports the AP. WikiLeaks made the complaint in a statement today, alleging that other US web firms were likewise being ordered to surrender info on... More »

Feds Subpoena Toyota

LA, NY juries may begin criminal investigations into automaker

(Newser) - Toyota may be able to add criminal investigations to its growing list of woes: Federal authorities have hit the automaker with subpoenas over the recently reported safety issues with its vehicles. A New York grand jury and the Los Angeles office of the SEC requested information about the problems of... More »

Ousted Thain Subpoenaed on Early Merrill Bonuses

NY attorney general also calls BoA exec in probe of banks and TARP funds

(Newser) - New York’s attorney general issued a subpoena today to force John Thain to testify about his acceleration of bonus payments for Merrill Lynch employees last month, the Financial Times reports. A subpoena was also issued to a Bank of America executive thought to have consulted with Thain—then Merrill’... More »

Bush Could Block Probes Even After He Steps Down

Soon-to-be ex-prez has Truman, Nixon precedents for keeping executive privilege

(Newser) - President Bush may be able to maintain his executive privilege to block investigations even after he leaves office, the New York Times reports. Harry Truman successfully claimed he had the right not to testify in 1953, nearly a year after he left office, and Richard Nixon later used Truman's case... More »

Top US Execs Victimized by Devious Phishing Scam

Virus, disguised as subpoena, thought to come from Singapore or China

(Newser) - American executives are the latest targets of an incognito email virus that comes packaged as an authentic-looking subpoena demanding the corporate heads appear before a California grand jury. There have been several victims of the attack, the New York Times reports, which is thought to originated in Singapore or China—... More »

Dems Threaten White House With Contempt

Last warning on mum aides in probe of fired attorneys

(Newser) - Democrats have threatened a vote holding White House aides in contempt of Congress if they don't cooperate with an investigation into last year's firing of federal attorneys, the AP reports. A citation, approved this summer by a House judiciary committee, was filed yesterday. If approved by the entire House, a... More »

Miers May Face Contempt

House panel finds former attorney to Bush was out of order in stiffing subpoena

(Newser) - In a 7-5 vote, a House panel found that former White House counsel Harriet Miers was out of order when she rebuffed a subpoena calling for her to testify about her involvement in the US attorney firings last year. Miers declined to appear before the Judiciary Committee  under orders from... More »

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