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Doctors Warn of Mixing Pills, Grapefruit

It can have lethal consequences, they say

(Newser) - Taking medication? You may want to think twice before digging into a grapefruit. A substance in the fruit can prevent the drugs from breaking down in the body, leading to dangerous—even deadly—consequences. Chemicals in grapefruit deactivate enzymes in the body that are supposed to break down the drugs;... More »

Ginsburg Hospitalized Again

Justice suffers adverse reaction to medications, released after overnight stay

(Newser) - Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of the hospital after suffering an adverse reaction to medication last night. While waiting for takeoff on a plane bound for London, Ginsburg because extremely drowsy and fell from her seat because of a reaction between a prescription sleeping aid and an OTC cold medication,... More »

Seniors, Remember Ledger: Don't Mix Meds

Seniors in danger from drug interactions

(Newser) - Millions of older Americans take so many prescription and over-the-counter drugs that they risk serious side effects from the drugs’ interactions, USA Today reports. A new study found that about 30% of people aged 57 to 85 now take at least five prescription drugs regularly—plus non-prescription medications and supplements—... More »

3 Stories