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Foreigners Lap Up US Comedies

(Newser) - Foreign audiences are totally into Marley and Me, the Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston vehicle, which topped the international box office last weekend with $14.2 million, Variety reports. Marley’s success—it’s beating Watchmen, among others—runs counter to traditional wisdom about foreign taste for US yuks leaning more to... More »

Gran Torino Blows Away Box Office

(Newser) - Clint Eastwood’s vigilante flick Gran Torino smashed box office competition and his career record this weekend, earning $29 million, Variety reports. The film has grossed $40.1 million total after a prior monthlong limited run. Wedding comedy Bride Wars placed second with $21.5 million, followed by The Unborn,... More »

Dog Tale Unleashes Backlash

Marley & Me is 'toxic hazard,' critics charge

(Newser) - The most popular movie in the country has an enemy at the Los Angeles Times. TV critic Scott Collins says Marley & Me "represents a toxic hazard to dog owners as well as anyone who ever comes near a dog—basically everyone, in other words." Collins reminds... More »

Top Dog Marley Still Gnawing Competition

Bedtime Stories, Button close behind

(Newser) - Marley & Me continued its reign atop the box office dog pile this weekend, digging up $24 million, Variety reports. Bedtime Stories took in $20.3 million, while Benjamin Button aged gracefully to third place with $18.4 million. Valkyrie ($14.3 million) and Yes Man ($13.9 million) rounded... More »

Marley Fetches Weekend Win

(Newser) - After breaking the box office record for best Christmas Day opener, Marley & Me stayed top dog with $51.7 million this weekend, Variety reports. Brad Pitt vehicle The Curious Case of Benjamin Button finished behind ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s puppy flick, but still earned a surprising $39 million. Bedtime ... More »

Bring Tissues for Marley & Me

Critics concede it's a family film, but little more

(Newser) - Walk into Marley & Me not expecting to be wowed, and it’s an easy film to watch, Claudia Puig writes in USA Today. Unfortunately, “it’s just as easy to forget.” The writers deftly pull dog-lovers’ heartstrings, but the story itself is ordinary and chemistry lacking between... More »

6 Stories