Brutal Attack

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Cops: Girls Fatally Beat Woman, Post Snapchat Pics

Grisly trial is under way in the UK

(Newser) - At around 7:15pm on Dec. 8, 2014, prosecutors say two girls who were then 13 and 14 let themselves into the unlocked home of a woman in the UK, a woman known as an alcoholic who sometimes bought liquor and cigarettes for underage teens. At 7:30pm, the woman,... More »

Racist Music Finds Home Online

White-power albums readily available on iTunes, Amazon, to bands' delight

(Newser) - Online outlets are making it much easier for musical acts with unpopular messages to get their material heard, Spin reports. “Because stores wouldn’t carry us, selling records used to be laborious,” says the lead singer of white-power act Brutal Attack, citing boycotts from anti-racist groups. The band... More »

2 Stories