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Bong Water Is a Drug: Court

Minnesota Supreme Court overturns ruling that said drug water was paraphernalia

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Supreme Court has declared bong water an illegal drug. The decision overturns a lower court ruling that held bong water was paraphernalia. The decision means lazy users who leave water in their bongs could be hit with a first-degree drug possession charge—even if they have no other... More »

Minnesota Supremes: Franken Won Senate Race

(Newser) - The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of Democrat Al Franken in the Senate election battle there, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The court decided that Republican Norm Coleman’s challenge of a lower court’s ruling did not merit reconsideration, the Pioneer Press adds. Though Coleman may... More »

Unanimous Ruling Against Coleman Likely

The end may finally be near in Minnesota Senate race

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Senate contest seems poised to end at long last, the Minnesota Independent reports. Election-law experts are sure that the Minnesota Supreme Court will shoot down Norm Coleman’s appeal, and it will probably be unanimous in doing so. “What he’s asked the Supreme Court to do... More »

Senate Recount Case Goes to Minn. High Court Today

But decision could take months

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the Senate seat dispute between Al Franken and Norm Coleman, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. If the court goes Franken’s way, he could be seated in Washington; if the five justices find for Coleman, “recounting-type” hurdles will remain before... More »

Coleman-Franken Fight Heads to Minn.'s Top Court

Ex-lawyer Coleman working case; Franken acting like senator

(Newser) - Norm Coleman and Al Franken take their protracted election battle to Minnesota's Supreme Court tomorrow, reports the Hill, in what could be its final stage. Lawyers on both sides have spent some 6 weeks readying their arguments—including Coleman, himself a lawyer. Franken, meanwhile, holding to a slim ballot advantage,... More »

Franken, Coleman Fight Over $94K in Legal Fees

(Newser) - Norm Coleman and Al Franken are tussling over $94,000 in legal fees as they head to the Minnesota Supreme Court, Talking Points Memo reports. A county clerk ruled this week that Coleman, after losing a court ruling in the Senate race, owed Franken the money under a loser-pays election... More »

Coleman Wants More Time to Craft Appeal

Republican pushes for mid-May appearance in Minn.'s high court

(Newser) - Lawyers for Republican Norm Coleman want more time to prepare arguments for their appeal to Minnesota’s top court in the fight over last November's election, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The attorneys’ timeline, presented today, would put off oral arguments until mid-May; attorneys for Democrat Al Franken, declared the... More »

How Much Is Senate Fight Worth to Coleman?

Numbers don't add up in improbable challenge: Silver

(Newser) - Norm Coleman’s chances of victory are so thin they’ve entered “Calista Flockhart territory,” yet he shows no sign of winding down his expensive legal battle, writes Nate Silver, the stat guru behind FiveThirtyEight.com. Just how expensive? Silver estimates that Coleman’s spending about $20,740... More »

Coleman Willing to Continue Minn. Election Battle

Former senator 'not ruling out' state, federal appeals

(Newser) - Norm Coleman is leaving himself the option of taking the case of Minnesota’s disputed Senate election all the way to the US Supreme Court, Politico reports. The Republican is not “at this point” expecting to go that far—after all, that’d be after the Minnesota Supreme Court... More »

Minn. Recount Trial Goes to Judges

(Newser) - The Minnesota recount trial is finally out of the lawyers’ hands, with both sides claiming certain victory, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Now the judges will weigh evidence provided by Norm Coleman’s and Al Franken’s teams and decide exactly which votes to count. “It’s more likely... More »

Minn. Court Rejects Franken Bid to Be Seated

(Newser) - The Minnesota Supreme Court today rejected Democrat Al Franken's petition for an election certificate that would put him in the US Senate without waiting for a lawsuit to be resolved. Franken is ahead of Republican Norm Coleman by 225 votes. Coleman's ongoing lawsuit argues some uncounted absentee ballots were wrongly... More »

Coleman Won't Rule Out Further Minn. Challenges

(Newser) - Norm Coleman expects a decision on the US Senate race in Minnesota within weeks, and hopes “they’ll do the right thing,” but has not decided whether to challenge a decision, Politico reports. “I’m not ruling it in or ruling it out,” he said. Coleman... More »

Coleman Now Seeks Total Recount

Wants absentee ballots reconsidered

(Newser) - Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman is abruptly reversing strategy in his court action challenging the results of the US Senate race he narrowly lost to Al Franken, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Coleman now wants all 12,000 absentee ballots rejected during the recount to be reconsidered—the same ballots... More »

Craig Won't Appeal to Minn. High Court in Sex Sting

Lawyers say state's top court would likely pass on reviewing former senator's case

(Newser) - The deadline for appealing his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court passes today, and Larry Craig will not seek a review, Fox affiliate KMSP-TV reports. The former Idaho senator was arrested last year in a Minneapolis airport sex sting, and sought to void his conviction. An appeals court ruled against... More »

Franken Wins Key Ruling; Coleman Sees Court Fight

Election may result in court battle

(Newser) - Norm Coleman lost a key court battle today in the endless Minnesota recount, Politico reports. The decision virtually ensures that his race with Al Franken will be contested in the courts after the Senate convenes Jan. 6. Coleman sought to have a state panel hold off certifying the final vote... More »

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