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This High School Coach Should Change Pro Football

Kevin Kelley never punts; pro teams shouldn't either: Mallory Rubin

(Newser) - In 2008, high school football coach Kevin Kelley took his team to a state championship without punting a single time , and he still doesn't do it. Pulaski Academy, in Little Rock, Arkansas, nearly always opts for an onside kick, writes Mallory Rubin at Grantland . Statisticians acknowledge the benefits of... More »

Jets to Use Tebow on ... Punt Team?

So says one report, which might just be a ruse by the team

(Newser) - If an NFL's punting strategy is making headlines in April, that can mean only one thing: Tim Tebow is involved. ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted today that the Jets have told their new backup QB he's going to serve time on the punt squad next season as the... More »

Arkansas State Champions Didn't Punt Once

Coach wins with unorthodox tactics

(Newser) - Faith in statistics, confidence in his offense and an ingrained dislike of punting were the perfect storm for one high school football coach in Arkansas, RivalsHigh reports, with Kevin Kelley taking Little Rock’s Pulaski Academy to a state title without a single punt. “You can just tell people... More »

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