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4K Clinic Patients Receive a Worrisome Letter

New Jersey facility informs them they may have been exposed to HIV, should get tested

(Newser) - Nearly 4,000 people who visited a New Jersey surgical clinic this year have received the worst kind of letter: It informs them they might have been exposed to a number of diseases, including HIV, and should get tested. The state health department says patients of the HealthPlus Surgery Center... More »

A Sore Throat Led to $4.2M Settlement

Feds to pay family of Antonio Marrero, who died after being sedated at Hawaii health clinic

(Newser) - The widow and children of a man who went to a rural Hawaii health center with a sore throat in 2013 and ended up dead will receive a $4.2 million settlement from the federal government, the widow's lawyer said Wednesday, per the AP . Antonio Marrero, 32, went to... More »

FDA: Clinics May Have Received Fake Botox

No reports of patients getting counterfeit stuff

(Newser) - The FDA is warning of a Botox threat to US customers: Clinics may have ended up with fake material instead of the authentic stuff from Allergan Inc. Officials have found counterfeit Botox in the country, though thus far, there haven't been reports of patients being injected with it. According... More »

Meet Your New Doctor: Walmart

Retailer continues push to, apparently, take over everything

(Newser) - Walmart: First it replaced your bank , now it wants to replace your doctor. The retailer says it intends to "dramatically ... lower the cost of healthcare ... by becoming the largest provider of primary healthcare services in the nation," according to a recent request for information sent to potential health... More »

Mubarak Won't Go to Luxe German Clinic

He's not sick, vice president says

(Newser) - OK, forget that exit plan: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has said thanks, but no thanks, to an offer of an escape to Germany. Rumors had swirled that Mubarak might be suffering from cancer and could thus make a graceful exit by moving to a swanky German clinic , but Vice President... More »

Is This Luxe Clinic Mubarak's Way Out?

Talks are being held with hospitals in Germany

(Newser) - Is Hosni Mubarak planning to exit stage left by way of a luxury clinic in Germany? It's looking more and more likely, reports Der Spiegel . Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that the US government and Egyptian military officials were secretly talking about a plan in which Mubarak... More »

At One Clinic, Two Standards of Care

Separate entrance, faster service for those who pay out of pocket

(Newser) - At one New York City radiology clinic you get what you pay for—there are different names, different doors, and very different experiences for those paying with insurance and those shelling out their own cash. MSNBC found that on the insurance side, appointments can take 15 days to schedule, the... More »

Swiss Politicians Battle 'Suicide Tourism'

As Britain eases rules, Switzerland fears rush of ill bent on killing themselves

(Newser) - Swiss politicians have stepped up efforts to battle "suicide tourism" as British officials prepare to announce new rules expected to make it easier for citizens to cross borders to die, reports the Independent. Some 115 Britons have died at assisted suicide operations run by Dignitas in Switzerland. Assisted suicide... More »

New Orleans Clinic Gives Jazz Musicians Free Care

Volunteer doctors eagerly treat musical idols

(Newser) - One New Orleans couple is so passionate about jazz that they give musicians free or low-cost health care, NBC News reports. The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, founded 11 years ago, tries “to prevent death by lifestyle" for low-paid musicians who can’t afford treatment, says one founder. "We... More »

First US Internet Addiction Rehab Center Opens

For $14,500, reStart offers therapy, socialization

(Newser) - The first US Internet addiction clinic has opened in Fall City, Wash. The Heavensfield Retreat Center offers “reStart,” a 45-day in-patient rehab program for Internet, video game, and texting addictions, LiveScience reports. Clients undergo talk therapy and social skills training, as well as feeding goats, raising chickens, and... More »

Dutch Abortion Ship Hits Rough Waters

(Newser) - A change in the law is threatening to scuttle a Dutch ship's mission to provide abortions to women throughout the world, reports the Independent. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts has delivered "abortion pills" that cause miscarriages to women in nations where abortion is illegal. She has skirted local laws by docking... More »

Gadget Turns Phone Into Microscope

CellScope could help curb outbreaks of disease in developing world

(Newser) - A new gadget could mean big improvements for health care in the developing world. Called the CellScope, the device attaches to any cell phone with a camera, turning it into a microscope, Science Blogs reports. Invented by researchers at UC Berkeley, the CellScope also features an LED that can detect... More »

Tiller Family Will Shut Clinic

(Newser) - Slain abortion doctor George Tiller’s clinic will permanently close its doors, his family announced today. They said they would not be involved in another clinic, instead honoring Tiller through private charitable activities. “We are proud of the service and courage shown by our husband and father,” they... More »

Untested Stem-Cell Treatments Lure Americans Abroad

FDA says they're untested, unsafe

(Newser) - Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Americans have defied federal warnings against seeking untested—and often expensive—stem-cell therapy abroad, CNN reports. Though they lack scientific backing, such treatments for terminal diseases are popular in China, where the parents of one 8-year-old seek to treat her spinal muscular atrophy. “We are... More »

George Tiller's Murder Was Terrorism

But despite her fear, abortion clinic worker vows to stand strong

(Newser) - Abortion clinic worker and activist Heather Corinna doesn’t support the Patriot Act, but the murder of Dr George Tiller appears to “fits squarely in its definition of domestic terrorism,” she writes for the Guardian. Abortion clinics have been dealing with this kind of violence and intimidation since... More »

Feds Boost Abortion Clinic Security Amid Tiller Probe

FBI checks earlier vandalism incident

(Newser) - US Attorney General Eric Holder boosted security for abortion providers yesterday as the FBI investigated a vandalism incident at the clinic operated by slain doctor George Tiller, the Wichita Eagle reports. Tiller reported a threat last month, days after the Women’s Health Care Services clinic sustained thousands of dollars... More »

Michelle Visits Cancer Patients

First Lady will sit with JK Rowling at dinner tonight

(Newser) - Michelle Obama spent the morning visiting a cancer center in London with Sarah Brown, the Guardian reports. The trip is the first in a number of engagements the first ladies will share—including a dinner for spouses of leaders tonight at 10 Downing Street, where Michelle will be seated next... More »

With Clinics, Bush Leaves Compassionate Mark

Federal funding has doubled for community health centers

(Newser) - One Bush project that President-elect Obama isn’t likely to overturn is the expansion of funding for nonprofit medical clinics in underserved areas. The push—unequalled since Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty—to provide accessible health care for the poor and uninsured was one of the campaign promises President... More »

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