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Chemical Fumes Sicken 80 at Indiana Pool

Bad mix of chemicals creates chlorine gas

(Newser) - At least 80 people, most of them children, were hospitalized after being overcome by chemical fumes at a public pool in Indianapolis. Investigators say a toxic out-of-balance mix of chemicals was pumped into the pool, creating chlorine gas, reports the Indianapolis Star . The gas wasn't as lethal as the... More »

Bags of Corn, Beer Make for Fun in the Midwest

An old backyard pastime is gaining followers, major sponsors

(Newser) - An uncomplicated game called Cornhole is sweeping the Midwest, attracting players  from bars to church picnics. Competing teams toss 1lb bags of dry corn at a 6-inch hole carved into a wooden platform. Said to have originated in Cincinnati as a backyard diversion, Cornhole is now spreading to such cities... More »

2 Stories