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Coffee Shop Hasn't Reopened Since 'Gentrifying' Fiasco

ink! Coffee is sorry for their sign saying they're 'happily gentrifying' a historically diverse neighborhood

(Newser) - A coffee shop targeted by protesters after a message about gentrification struck a nerve in a rapidly changing city remained closed Monday despite an apology and plans to reopen after the holiday weekend, the AP reports. Last week, Ink! Coffee displayed a sidewalk sign that said "Happily Gentrifying the... More »

This Might Be the Most Potent Cup of Coffee You Can Buy

'Asskicker' delivers 80 times the punch of a typical espresso

(Newser) - One cafe owner in Adelaide, Australia, is playing around with the world's most popular drug, and experts aren't feeling terribly perky about it. Steve Benington, owner of Viscous Coffee, has created the Asskicker, a drink consisting of four shots of espresso, four 48-hour brewer cold drip ice cubes... More »

Coffee Stand Employees Stop to Pray With Grieving Customer

Now their good deed is going viral

(Newser) - A grieving woman who had just lost her husband found solace in an unexpected place: the young employees of a local drive-thru coffee stand. The Oregonian reports employees at Dutch Bros. Coffee in Vancouver, Washington, noticed one of their customers seemed upset while waiting in her car Saturday. It turns... More »

Sick of Soy? Starbucks to Serve Coconut Milk

The non-dairy alternative will be available nationwide Feb. 17

(Newser) - Coconut milk is in, and Starbucks doesn't want to be too late to the party. The company will start offering the non-soy dairy alternative nationally on Feb. 17, charging 60 cents for the elevated-sounding Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk—the same as it charges for soy milk. USA ... More »

At Unstaffed Coffee Shop, You're on Your Honor

You check yourself out, pay on the honor system

(Newser) - At The Vault coffee shop in North Dakota, you can get a cup of joe, a cup of tea, a pastry. But you get it yourself and you ring yourself up—and when you do, you're on your honor at what The Vault's owner thinks is the only... More »

To Spur Creativity, Try a Noisy Café

'Ambient noise' can be helpfully distracting: study

(Newser) - Forget peace and quiet—a little noise can be your friend when it comes to generating ideas, a study finds. Sure, you don't want sirens blaring outside your window, but the "ambient noise" of, say, a hopping coffee shop could actually help you work better. It's distracting,... More »

New Way to Get Starbucks: on Skis

Squaw Valley ski resort opens first ski-thru Starbucks

(Newser) - Tired of having to take off your skis, trudge inside, and peel off your snow gear just to get a tall half-caff mocha with skim milk? Well, those days are over for skiers at California's Squaw Valley resort. Now they have access to the world's first ski-thru Starbucks... More »

Starbucks Raising Prices

Tall coffees to cost 10 more cents in much of US

(Newser) - Some of us will have to shell out an extra dime for each coffee this year. Starbucks is planning a price hike of approximately 1% in the Northeast and Southern US. While the company hasn't named all the states that will face increased prices, they include New York and... More »

Brewing at Chicago Starbucks: Beer, Wine

Chicago-area stores to offer booze, entertainment

(Newser) - There's still no chance of getting an Irish coffee in Starbucks, but beer and wine will soon be available in up to seven of the coffee chain's Chicago-area outlets. Following a model first introduced in Seattle and Portland, Starbucks aims to boost traffic in the evenings by offering... More »

Starbucks Scraps Hidden Fee After State Fine

It added $1.50 to bags of beans under a pound

(Newser) - Massachusetts officials noticed something fishy about the price of coffee beans at Starbucks: Customers buying less than a pound’s worth were paying more than the listed per-pound price. Following an investigation, state Starbucks branches have been fined $1,575, and the chain has dropped the hidden fee nationwide, the... More »

New No. 3 US Chain: Starbucks

Unseats Burger King, Wendy's

(Newser) - The Whopper and the Frosty have officially been replaced by the Frappuccino: Starbucks is now the nation's No. 3 chain, having leapfrogged in front of burger giants Burger King and Wendy's, who, according to one researcher, have been struggling to find "their niche." In terms of... More »

Starbucks' Master Plan: Dominate the Grocery Store

Chain plans push to get its products on shelves

(Newser) - Starbucks is planning to stay ahead in the increasingly crowded coffee business by blurring the lines between supermarkets and coffee shops. The chain, which has been struggling since its days of rapid expansion ended, plans a major push to get more of its products into grocery stores and more supermarket... More »

Prof: Starbucks Kills Community

Conversation dies among coffee cups, wi-fi and headphones, says reasearcher

(Newser) - Starbucks sells itself as a "third place" between work and home, but its customers fail to interact the way people used to in public spaces, according to history professor Tom Simon. "Rarely do these different people doing different things actually talk and exchange ideas. But talk and ideas... More »

Coffee Shops Grow Weary of Laptop Users

Drink-nursing users told to make way for bigger spenders

(Newser) - The longstanding love affair between coffee shops and laptop users is starting to go off the boil, the Wall Street Journal reports. Big chains still let computer users linger, but a growing number of independent shops, sick of customers nursing a cup of coffee all day when seats are in... More »

Starbucks' New Flavor: Local Shop Names

Giant rebrands one Seattle store '15th Avenue Coffee and Tea'

(Newser) - With traffic waning, Starbucks has a new strategy: It’s dropping “Starbucks” from store names and rebranding them to reflect their neighborhoods, the Seattle Times reports. 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, for example, won’t feature the Starbucks logo—even bags of coffee will be labeled “15th Avenue.... More »

Zagat Is Wrong: Peet's Is Better Than Starbucks

Bad methodology gave Seattle giant the survey win: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Zagat’s annual fast-food survey served up its usual batch of surprises, but one stood out for Nate Silver of fame. Somehow, some way, Starbucks beat Peet’s Coffee for best coffee chain. A travesty of that magnitude can only mean mistaken methodology, Silver contends; Starbucks is fine,... More »

Arsonist Strikes Topless Maine Coffee Shop

(Newser) - The fire that destroyed a controversial topless coffee shop in Maine late last night was arson, the Kennebec Journal reports. The police are seeking witnesses “who might have seen vehicles parked in that general area around 1am Wednesday morning or anyone walking along the roadway.” Seven people escaped... More »

Dunkin' Pushes...Donuts

(Newser) - America may run on Dunkin', but the working-man's coffeeshop would like to remind recession-slapped Americans about the cheap, sugary goodness of the other end of its name. After a decade of emphasizing coffee—which fuels 60% of the chain's revenue—Dunkin has decided it's time to make the doughnuts pay... More »

Closures Thwart Man's Goal to Visit Every Starbucks

Chain's biggest fan races against time as hundreds of stores shut down

(Newser) - Starbucks' store closure program is giving the chain's biggest fan a bad case of the jitters, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 37-year-old, who calls himself "Winter," has visited more than 9,000 Starbucks stores in a quest that has lasted over a decade, but he now faces... More »

Office Politics Move From Cubicle to Starbucks

Crowded cafes can be work war zones

(Newser) - Once coffee shops were places to relax, but these days, they’re places for telecommuting workers to plug in, and they’ve taken on all the irritating trappings of an actual office, the Boston Globe reports. Laptop-toting patrons fight tooth-and-nail for power outlets and table space, using the passive-aggressive tactics... More »

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