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Want to Quit Smoking? E-Cigs May Be Your Best Bet

E-cigs helped cessation better than gum, patches, scientists say—but it's not a universal endorsement

(Newser) - A major new study provides the strongest evidence yet that vaping can help smokers quit cigarettes, with e-cigarettes proving nearly twice as effective as nicotine gums and patches. The British research, published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, could influence what doctors tell their patients and shape the... More »

Study: Teens Who Never Would've Smoked Are Vaping

The smoking rate dropped in 2004; then came e-cigarettes

(Newser) - With the debut of vaping in the US in 2007, there was hope that teens who smoked would replace old-school cigarettes with e-cigarettes, curbing tobacco use. But a new USC study in the journal Pediatrics has found teens who never would have smoked regular cigarettes are experimenting with vaping. Another... More »

Feeling Kind of Blue? Blame the Neanderthal In You

Neanderthal genetic variants are strongly linked to a dozen traits

(Newser) - It's long been known that the predecessors of modern humans and Neanderthals lived side by side, but it wasn't until 2010 that it was discovered the two species interbred . In fact, as much as 4% of the DNA of modern humans with European or Asian ancestry comes from... More »

Almost 10% of Cancer Survivors Still Smoke: Study

83% of those who keep puffing away smoke an average 15 cigarettes daily

(Newser) - It's been well documented how smoking wreaks havoc on your body, with tobacco use upping the risk for a variety of cancers—lung, bladder, esophagus, larynx, pancreas, and more—and causing almost one in five deaths in the US and 30% of all cancer deaths, according to the American... More »

Nicotine Gum, Patches Don't Help Long-Term

NRT users just as likely to relapse as other quitters

(Newser) - Nicotine gum and patches are a lot more effective in clinical trials than they are in the real world, according to researchers at Harvard's Center for Global Tobacco Control. In the most thorough study yet of nicotine replacement therapy, researchers found that people who use the products are just... More »

Philip Morris CEO: Smoking Not Hard to Quit

CEO himself characterized as 'longtime smoker'

(Newser) - Sure, cigarettes are bad for you and addictive, but they're really not that hard to quit—in the rose-colored world that belongs to Philip Morris CEO Louis Camilleri, who was responding to anti-tobacco comments at the cigarette maker's annual shareholder meeting. Camilleri was in 2009 characterized as a... More »

Feds Want Big Tobacco to Admit It Lied print, and pretty explicitly

(Newser) - The federal government wants tobacco companies to admit they lied about the addictiveness of nicotine and the benefits of light cigarettes—in print, and pretty explicitly. On Wednesday, a federal judge unsealed a government proposal that would have tobacco companies cop to the lies in national ads and on cigarette... More »

Study Links Nicotine, Breast Cancer

Finding could be a blow to nicotine patches, gum

(Newser) - Smoking could hurt more than just your lungs. A new study suggests nicotine causes breast cancer tumors to grow. The finding is especially significant, the Daily Mail explains, because though cigarettes are known to contain at least 60 cancer-causing substances, this is the first time nicotine has been implicated as... More »

Prisoner Sues Over Smoking Ban

It's 'cruel and unusual' punishment, con claims

(Newser) - You can take his freedom but you can't take his cigarettes, a British inmate is arguing in court. Jack Richard Foster is suing prison authorities, claiming they violated his human rights and imposed cruel and unusual punishment when they took away his tobacco for a week as punishment for swearing... More »

Quit Smoking? Yes We Can!

President-elect's struggle with nicotine could help others kick the habit

(Newser) - Barack Obama is about to become the nation's smoker-in-chief, and anti-smoking advocates are hopeful he'll become a powerful example for other smokers if he finally manages to kick the habit. He has quit several times but so far has always gone back to smoking up to eight cigarettes a day,... More »

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