Kim Il-sung

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North Korea Shuts Down Universities for 10 Months

Students will be sent to work on building projects: report

(Newser) - School's out in North Korea, but not just for summer. Universities will be shut down until next April and students will be sent to work on construction projects in major cities, reports the Telegraph . Only those close to graduating and foreign students will be allowed to continue classes. The... More »

Kim Jong Un May Have Had Surgery to Look Like Gramps

In older images, he looked skinny, had different chin

(Newser) - Did Kim Jong Un, the son and anointed successor of Kim Jong Il, have plastic surgery to look like his grandfather? That’s what South Korean newspapers are speculating after North Korea released the first official shots of Kim Jong Un last week. In them, he looked like the spitting... More »

North Korea Claims to Have Created 'Artificial Sun'

Scientists highly skeptical

(Newser) - North Korea says it has discovered the secrets of nuclear fusion, allowing it to create an “artificial sun” able to produce untold amounts of energy—which would be quite a feat for a country that currently lacks the power to keep the lights on at night. Nuclear fusion, the... More »

Kim Jong-il Now 'Battling Pancreatic Cancer'

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has life-threatening pancreatic cancer, reports Reuters, citing South Korean broadcaster YTN. Many observers believe the 67-year-old communist leader also suffered a stroke last year, though his apparent health problems have never officially been confirmed. More »

Kim Jong-Il Cheered at Concert

First major public appearance since stroke

(Newser) - A wildly cheering orchestra audience greeted North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il at his first major public appearance since his suspected stroke in August, reports Reuters. Western intelligence experts began speculating in September that Kim was seriously ill—or dying—when he failed to appear at an important military parade at... More »

5 Stories