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Escaped Inmate Hides in Attic, Falls Through Ceiling

Fellow escapee arrested after 7-hour standoff

(Newser) - A fugitive inmate who escaped last week from a county jail in California by rappelling down with a bedsheet was re-arrested Wednesday night after a seven-hour standoff with police. Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith says Rogelio Chavez was taken into custody at the house of an associate in San... More »

In Attic, Man Finds Remains of Woman Missing 40 Years

'We assume she lay down to sleep and froze'

(Newser) - The family of a man in Cloppenburg, northern Germany, apparently doesn't spend much time in the attic. When the 33-year-old son went up to set about renovating the large, unused space last week, he happened upon the remains of a woman who's been missing for nearly 40 years,... More »

Couple's Attic Find: WWI Love Letters

They're returned to relatives of soldier

(Newser) - A remodeling project that turned into a rediscovery: an Indiana couple found love letters dating back to World War I tucked away in their attic. A contractor hired for the home renovation found the letters in the couple's attic insulation; they were written by Clement Berger, a soldier heading... More »

Attic Find: $3M Worth of Baseball Cards

Rare 1910 cards in incredible condition

(Newser) - After coming upon a collection of 700 old baseball cards in his attic, an Ohio man put them aside. Two weeks later, he learned that they amounted to one of the biggest sports-card finds ever made—and were worth millions. The cards come from a 1910 series of which only... More »

Crew Locks Michael Caine in Attic Overnight

He was napping as set closed down for the day

(Newser) - Maybe he should have blown the bloody doors off? Michael Caine spent an uncomfortable night locked in the attic of an empty theater in New Orleans during the filming of heist movie Now You See Me, a production source tells the Mirror . The 79-year-old actor went to a makeshift dressing... More »

Balloon Boy: 'I Thought I Would Get In Trouble'

Falcon Heene took off for the attic after dad yelled at him earlier

(Newser) - The Colorado 6-year-old we all thought we were watching in that balloon today was hiding in the family attic after his dad yelled at him for getting in a box of batteries. “He scared me, and he yelled at me,” Falcon Heene told a jammed news conference. “... More »

Christmas Intruder Lived in Family's Attic

Hidden house guest helped himself to food, clothing, gifts

(Newser) - Call him the Attic Ghost of Christmas Present. An intruder lived undetected in a Pennsylvania family's attic for several days, including Christmas, stealing food and clothing when the occupants were out, reports the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. The family finally called police when they discovered several expensive Christmas gifts missing. The... More »

7 Stories