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Hundreds of Connecticut Homes May Be 'Worthless'

Foundations are crumbling in the state

(Newser) - Around 1995, Linda and Robert Tofolowsky noticed the walls of the basement in their Connecticut home cracking. Their foundation had developed severe fissures, and they soon discovered other homes in the area with the same issue. Their insurance claim was denied, they got no help from the town or the... More »

Michael J. Fox Gets a PhD

Actor awarded a doctorate for work on Parkinson's disease

(Newser) - Michael J. Fox will soon become Michael J. Fox, PhD. The Karolinska Institute—the Nobel Prize people—will award the actor an honorary doctorate for his philanthropic work toward finding a cure for Parkinson's disease. "I'm grateful to the Board of Research and to the Karolinska Institute for this... More »

Madoff May Have Built Ponzi Scheme on Charities

(Newser) - How did Bernard Madoff keep his Ponzi scheme going for so long? The answer, if true, will inflame even more public rage: He relied on charities, Mitchell Zuckoff writes on CNNMoney. Ponzi schemes often run dry when investors withdraw en masse, but foundations are legally required to spend only... More »

Philly Mayor to Lease Closing Libraries

11 buildings would be run by private or foundation centers

(Newser) - The mayor of Philadelphia has preliminary agreements with private foundations and nonprofits to manage at least five of the 11 libraries the city is closing out of budget concerns, the Inquirer reports. The new institutions, which Michael Nutter said he hopes will become “knowledge centers,” will retain collections... More »

4 Stories