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New Theory May Explain Mrs. Lincoln's Odd Behavior

Doctor thinks Mary Todd Lincoln suffered a vitamin deficiency

(Newser) - She's been described as perhaps the most troubled first lady to set foot in the White House, with fearsome moods, depression, and paranoia. Now a doctor says he may have uncovered the secret to Mary Todd Lincoln's behavior: a vitamin deficiency. Interestingly, this latest theory in Perspectives in ... More »

Doctor Saves Guy's Life Thanks to ... House Episode

Figured out patient was experiencing cobalt poisoning

(Newser) - A doctor in Germany says Fox medical drama House helped him find the right diagnosis for a heart failure patient whose symptoms had baffled others for months. The 55-year-old patient reportedly went from doctor to doctor for a year, but none of them could figure out why he was going... More »

Fox Bringing Down the House

This is last season for popular TV series starring Hugh Laurie

(Newser) - Cynical, manipulative, pill-popping genius doctor Gregory House is pulling down his shingle. The popular, critically acclaimed TV series House won't be back next season. “The producers have always imagined House as an enigmatic creature; he should never be the last one to leave the party," said a... More »

Weiner's Bathroom Grosses Out New Lawmaker

Leftover toothbrush sparks thorough cleaning

(Newser) - The office of scandalous sexter Anthony Weiner needs to be sanitized—literally. Newly elected congressman Rob Turner's family was horrified to find the former House member's toothbrush in his old office bathroom, and ordered a thorough cleaning. “Weiner left his toothbrush behind! It literally says ‘Anthony’... More »

30 Rock: TV's Least Ethical Show

Sitcom racks up 11 ethical violations per episode

(Newser) - If the employees on 30 Rock were real, they’d be in serious trouble. The NBC show is the biggest offender when it comes to depicting ethical violations in the workplace, CNN reports. Incidents like Alec Baldwin’s character referring to a “chick lawyer” who’s “asking for... More »

What GOP Will Do With a House Majority

Republicans will cut off cash to key Dem initiatives

(Newser) - If Republicans win the House in November, they’ll highlight their differences with Democrats by starving signature policies—like health care—of cash, the Wall Street Journal reports. Although the GOP hopes to repeal the health care bill in the House, such a measure would likely fail in the Senate,... More »

TV's Top Earners

Hugh Laurie, Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Charlie Sheen lead way

(Newser) - TV stars still make good money, but they make a bit less of it now than in recent years—studios have lowered the starting salary for a series star from a consistent $150,000 to $200,000 to between $75,000 and $125,000. Established stars, however, rake in much... More »

10 Celebs Who Rule Facebook

Vin Diesel, Linkin Park have a lot more friends than you do

(Newser) - We know Lady Gaga and President Obama have plenty of fans (more than 10 million, though the leader of the free world actually trails the singer). Here are some other surprising social media mavens, singled out by Time , along with their number of fans (as of Thursday) and a taste... More »

GOP Changes Force Health Bill Back to House

Senators uncover budget glitches for another vote

(Newser) - Senate changes in the nation's health reform measure now mean it must go back to the House for another vote, something Democrats had hoped to avoid. Senate Republicans uncovered two "minor provisions" in the measure at odds with budget law, according to a spokesman for majority leader Harry Reid.... More »

GOP Paints Pelosi, Not Obama, as Health Care Villain

2010 election strategy focuses on unpopular House Speaker

(Newser) - When it comes to this year's House elections, the GOP wants voters thinking about Pelosicare, not Obamacare. Pinning health care reform on the unpopular House Speaker—and casting Democratic incumbents as her minions—is a key part of the Republican strategy for 2010: winning the support of 2008 Obama voters... More »

DVR Viewers Give Ratings Boost to Grey's, Others

Execs hope these watchers will eventually translate into ad dollars

(Newser) - TV networks dismayed at low ratings early in the season are getting a ray of hope in the form of the once-feared DVR. Sure, ad buyers won’t pay out when a viewer watches Grey’s Anatomy on TiVo, but that and other shows are gaining a massive audience days... More »

Health Bill Compromise Kicks Off 5-Week Battle

(Newser) - A key House committee approved a health care package tonight, kicking off a 5-week public battle on the issue and sending lawmakers home for August recess, the Washington Post reports. The 31-to-28 vote in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, fueled by a liberal–Blue Dog deal this morning, could... More »

After He Went to White Castle, Kumar Heads to White House

House actor Kal Penn will work for Obama

(Newser) - House fans may have been shocked last night when Kal Penn’s character committed suicide—but they might be more so to learn the actor is leaving for the White House. “Kal is a man with broader ambitions than the entertainment industry,” a producer tells Entertainment Weekly. Penn,... More »

Cantor Skips Obama for Britney Concert

(Newser) - The political blogosphere is having some fun tonight with the fact that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor attended the Britney Spears concert last night instead of dutifully tuning in to President Obama's press conference. Cantor's office confirmed to Wonkette that he took in the show, adding that he did so... More »

Senate Leaders Inch Closer to Health Care Bill

Bipartisan group hammering out guidelines of reform

(Newser) - After months of meetings, a bipartisan group of nine US senators is finalizing terms on what would be the major points of a health-care reform bill, Time reports. The progress of the Gang of Nine—which includes Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch—dovetails with efforts being made in the House,... More »

It's Predictable, but Lie to Me Is a Charmer

Procedural crime drama a seemingly successful hybrid of House , Mentalist

(Newser) - Lie to Me, Fox’s new crime procedural, really ought to be terrible, Heather Havrilesky writes in Salon. It checks every predictable box: a misanthropic, lie-detecting genius at the center, surrounded by sexy sidekicks and quirky underlings. But “fast-paced, clever” writing helps the series, premiering tonight, “avoid feeling... More »

Brit, Aussie Actors Find US Success

(Newser) - British and Australian actors are flocking to the US in search of work and finding great success in roles that challenge their mimicry skills, the Chicago Tribune reports. Whether it’s Hugh Laurie on House, Anna Friel on Pushing Daisies, or Simon Baker on The Mentalist, the thespians have found... More »

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