Israel Defense Force

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Israel Frees Pork-Eating Soldier

US-born man didn't realize sandwich would be a problem

(Newser) - The Israeli military has scrapped a punishment for a US-born Israeli soldier who had caused a stink by violating the military's kosher rules by eating a pork sandwich while in uniform. Earlier, the military said the soldier, whose name was not released, "violated rules and regulations," which... More »

Israeli Military: Protesting Vets Face 'Sharp' Discipline

Spokesperson decries actions of Unit 8200 vets

(Newser) - The 43 veterans of an elite Israeli intelligence unit who are refusing to serve, in protest of past treatment of Palestinians , are in hot water. They're being criticized by officials on both the right and the left, as well as hundreds of their colleagues, and the Israeli military yesterday... More »

Obama: Israel Has Right to Fire Back at Gaza

As Netanyahu warns of possible 'expansion' in Gaza assault

(Newser) - President Obama, who started a three-day Asia tour today , took time at a news conference in Bangkok today to address the Israel-Gaza conflict, the AP reports. "No country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down" on its people, he said, and Israel does have the right to defend itself... More »

Netanyahu Announces Early Elections

His coalition government won't be able to agree on budget, he believes

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that national elections will be held within three months—some eight months ahead of schedule—because he knows his conservative coalition government won't be able to agree on a budget. "For the benefit of Israel," the elections will be held "... More »

Saudi Royal Offers $900K for Capture of Israeli Soldier

Prince brings cleric's bounty to $1M

(Newser) - Israel's freeing of a thousand Palestinian prisoners in return for one captured soldier must have sounded like a pretty good deal to Prince Khaled bin Talal. The Saudi royal, brother of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has added $900,000 to a prominent Saudi cleric's offer of $100,... More »

Draft-Dodging Refaeli Poses Topless in Army Helmet

Israeli model's 'GQ' cover is kinda ironic

(Newser) - Bar Refaeli allegedly dodged the draft in Israel via a sham marriage —which makes her recent cover shoot for GQ Italia rather ironic. The Israeli model poses topless, wearing an army helmet, seven years after she escaped mandatory national service in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Daily Mail has... More »

Israel, Hamas Reportedly Agree to Ceasefire

The deal comes after weeks of increasing violence

(Newser) - After weeks of increasing violence, the likes of which has not been since since the end of the Gaza war in 2009, Israel and Hamas have agreed to step back from a major confrontation. A weekend of attacks left 19 Palestinians dead, including six civilians, and 65 injured. In addition,... More »

Israeli Troops Kill Unarmed Palestinian

Farm laborer was reportedly carrying a glass bottle

(Newser) - Tensions in the West Bank came to a head yesterday, when an unarmed Palestinian man was shot at an Israeli checkpoint. The Israeli military says Ahmad Maslamani, a 24-year-old farm laborer, was holding a glass bottle and ignored orders to stop, and that soldiers followed the rules of engagement when... More »

Photos Show Alleged Israeli Troop Misconduct

Former soldiers release photos

(Newser) - A group of former soldiers has released three pictures that it says show Israeli soldiers committing misdeeds during Israel’s 2008-2009 Gaza offensive . One image show soldiers pointing a rifle at a man who could be a Palestinian detainee; another shows a man with a rifle in what appears to... More »

UN Slams Israel's 'Brutal, Illegal' Flotilla Raid

Raid 'betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality'

(Newser) - A United Nations-appointed panel has strongly condemned the deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla of ships trying to break the Gaza blockade. The raid, which left nine activists dead, "betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality," the UN Human Rights Council's fact-finding mission concluded. The panel found that there... More »

Soldier's Facebook Post Derails Israeli Raid

Grunt who posted details on social network gets 10 days in jail

(Newser) - A West Bank raid by the Israel Defense Forces had to be called off after a soldier posted details of the operation on his Facebook page. “On Wednesday,” the status update read, “we are cleaning out " a village, which the soldier named. “Today an arrest... More »

Hamas Releases Video of Captive Israeli Soldier

Sept. 14 footage of Shalit obtained in trade for Palestinian prisoners

(Newser) - Imprisoned Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit appears healthy and talkative in a video released to the Israeli government by his captors in exchange for 20 Palestinian prisoners. In the video, Shalit talks of wanting to return home after his 3-year detention and holds up a copy of a newspaper dated September... More »

Majority of Gaza Victims Were Civilians: Rights Group

252 children among casualties of Israeli operation, group concludes

(Newser) - The majority of casualties in Israel's operation in Gaza last winter were civilians, a human rights group has concluded, contradicting the official stance of the Israel Defense Forces. According to the NGO B'Tselem, which conducted extensive interviews and has compiled a list of victims' names, 1,387 Palestinians died in... More »

Israel Hones Ability to Launch Strike on Iran

(Newser) - Israel is engaging in a bit of saber rattling directed toward Iran, the Times of London reports. The military is beefing up its air arsenal and training to be ready to strike Iran’s nuclear sites at a moment's notice. “Israel wants to know that if its forces were... More »

Israel Tests Missile Defense Aimed at Iran

(Newser) - Israel today performed a successful test of a missile-defense system the country said could defend against any munition in Iran’s arsenal, the Jerusalem Post reports. The Arrow 2, a US-Israel collaboration, was paired with its radar system for the first time and took down a missile masquerading as an... More »

Israel Used Heavy Force, Expecting Bigger Fight

(Newser) - Israel used overwhelming force in its recent fight with Hamas because it feared a repeat of the heavy losses sustained in its 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Washington Post reports. Israeli military planners expected Palestinians in Gaza to put up a stronger fight, but it never materialized. The... More »

Israeli Military Condemns Troops' T-Shirts

They show Palestinian children in crosshairs, exploding mosques

(Newser) - The Israel Defense Forces today came out against a series of outrage-inducing T-shirts worn by its soldiers, the AP reports. The shirts, first reported by Haaretz, featured crude jokes about killing Palestinians—one depicts a child in cross-hairs along with the slogan, “The smaller they are, the harder it... More »

Israel to Back Soldiers Accused of War Crimes

Government fears tribunals following civilian deaths in Gaza war

(Newser) - Special legal teams will defend Israeli soldiers against potential war crimes charges stemming from civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said today, promising the country would "fully back" those who fought in the three-week offensive. "The soldiers and commanders who were sent on missions... More »

100 Rescued From Area Blocked by Israel

More still trapped under rubble, aid groups say

(Newser) - Emergency workers in Gaza have rescued 100 more people from a residential block that for days had been blocked off by Israeli forces. Dozens of corpses also were found in the neighborhood's heavily shelled buildings, the Washington Post reports. Aid groups say more people remain trapped in demolished houses in... More »

Israel Likely Using Shells That Burn Skin

Controversial tool to disguise troops causes horrific damage

(Newser) - As Israeli soldiers approached the limits of Gaza City, reports have suggested they are using controversial white phosphorus shells to cover their advance. Although the shells are not illegal if used as a smokescreen, they can cause severe burns among bystanders, says the Times of London. An international treaty says... More »

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