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A-Rod Used PEDs in MVP Season— With MLB's Blessing

New book says he got permission to use testosterone in 2007

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs in 2007, the year he hit 54 home runs, won his second MVP award, and then opted out of his contract, leading to the biggest pay-day in baseball history—and he did it with the league's blessing. An excerpt from the upcoming book, Blood ... More »

Miami Clinic's Records Show A-Rod Is Still Juicing

Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, and more used banned substances, report shows

(Newser) - It looks like Alex Rodriguez never got off the juice. The Yankees' much-maligned slugger is one of a number of stars implicated in records from a Miami clinic called Biogenesis, the Miami New-Times reports. An employee passed the records to the paper last month, just before the firm closed and... More »

Clemens Faces Former BFFs in Perjury Trial

Andy Pettitte, Brian McNamee are star prosecution witnesses

(Newser) - Roger Clemens' perjury trial begins today in Washington, and it is loaded with juicy storylines—no pun intended—thanks to star witnesses Andy Pettitte and Brian McNamee. Clemens and Pettitte were as close as brothers, but of all the ex-ballplayers testifying, only Pettitte is expected to say Clemens admitted using... More »

Bonds' Son: The Bigger Hat Was Mine

Nikolai explains the real reason his dad's baseball cap size grew

(Newser) - Nikolai Bonds scrutinizes every nuance of dad Barry Bonds' perjury trial from afar: He winces over the ex-mistress's allegations and watches old friends turn on his dad, but for him, the trial's outcome was settled in 2003. "Did you?" he asked the Giants slugger about rumors of steroid use.... More »

Ex-Mistress: Bonds Blamed 'Roids for Injury

Perjury trial continues over slugger's denial of using steroids

(Newser) - Barry Bonds' ex-mistress took the stand in his perjury trial today, testifying that the ex-slugger blamed steroids for a 1999 elbow injury, and that his head got bigger—literally—and testicles got smaller over the course of their nine-year relationship. Kimberly Bell, who maintained the relationship even after he told... More »

Bodybuilders Warned About Kidney Damage

Steroids, muscle mass cause damage that forces some to retire in 30s

(Newser) - Kidney damage is proving to be a sometimes fatal weakness for many in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Long-term steroid use is believed to be the main cause, but doctors also blame a training regimen that can wreak havoc on the body. The increased muscle mass of bodybuilders can put... More »

Semenya Tests Reveal 'Triple Testosterone'

(Newser) - Pre-race World Championship blood tests on super South African runner Caster Semenya revealed testosterone levels three times typical female rates, a source tells the Telegraph. The results of the tests, carried out in South Africa, contributed to a decision by sports officials to call for "gender verification" tests on... More »

Let Steroids Users Into Hall of Fame

Baseball should allow performance-enhancing drugs

(Newser) - The Hall of Fame has become baseball’s weapon of last resort against players who’ve used performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball writers can’t ban drug users from the sport or take away their money—but they can deny them a spot in Cooperstown. This crusade is senseless, writes Zev Chafets... More »

Wrestler's Steroid Dealer Busted—for Steroids

Actor had bit part in film

(Newser) - In a case of life imitating art, the actor who plays a steroid dealer in The Wrestler was busted for dealing steroids, the New York Daily News reports. Investigators had Scott Siegel under surveillance for steroid trafficking, and arrested him Wednesday night after a car chase that ended with Siegel... More »

A-Rod: 'I Knew We Weren't Taking Tic-Tacs'

Star to tell more about his steroid use

(Newser) - A-Rod faced reporters in New York today to, in his words, “take my medicine.” He said he was injected by his cousin, with a substance that was legal in the Dominican Republic. “It was very amateur hour,” he said. “We probably didn’t even take... More »

A-Rod Juiced but Fellow Players Will Pay

Endorsements dry up as advertisers avoid risky baseball stars

(Newser) - A lot of people will pay for Alex Rodriguez’s admission that he used steroids—and A-Rod isn’t one of them, writes Jeremy Mullman in Advertising Age. A-Rod’s already shallow pool of endorsements isn’t likely to dry up, but by bringing steroids back into the spotlight, he’... More »

Tejada Pleads Guilty to Lying to Congress

Shortstop caught it claim he knew no onein baseball who used steroids

(Newser) - All-Star shortstop Miguel Tejada pleaded guilty today to lying to Congress about the use of performance-enhancing drugs, a plea that stemmed from denying to House investigators that he knew anyone in baseball who used steroids. Tejada’s 2005 assertions were contradicted by evidence that he had talked to an Oakland... More »

President Slams A-Roid

News of drug use 'tarnishes era'

(Newser) - President Obama has weighed in on the latest chapter of baseball's burgeoning steroid scandal, condemning Yankees star Alex Rodriguez for his use of performance-enhancing drugs and setting a bad example for children, reports CBS News. In his first prime-time news conference, Obama called confirmation of A-Rod's steroid use "depressing,... More »

But Wait, A-Rod Wasn't Alone

Jackson, Schilling wonder why no one's divulging the other 103 steroid users from '03

(Newser) - Amid all the questions about Alex Rodriguez's alleged steroid use, two big ones have been overlooked: Who are the other 103 players who tested positive in 2003, and why have no other names surfaced? Yankees legend Reggie Jackson brought this up to the New York Post, and perhaps surprisingly, Boston's... More »

A-Rod Tested Positive for Steroids: Report

During MVP 2003 campaign

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids during his 2003 MVP season, sources tell Sports Illustrated. A-Rod was one of 104 players to test positive that year, in a survey test conducted to determine whether the league needed tougher drug policies. Asked about the results this week, Rodriguez replied: “... More »

Feds Say They Can Prove Bonds Took 'Roids

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors say they will prove personal trainer Greg Anderson supplied Barry Bonds with the steroids that led to a positive test in November 2000, the offseason before the slugger hit a record 73 home runs. In a court filing today, prosecutors say they have two documents showing that Bonds... More »

In Pursuit of Bonds, Feds Put Screws on Trainer's Family

Anderson long mum in baseball steroids case

(Newser) - Federal authorities are still trying to get Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds’ former personal trainer, to testify about the baseball star’s steroid use, the New York Times reports, and may prosecute his wife and mother-in-law on tax charges to coerce him. “I have never heard anything like this,”... More »

McNamee Selling Clemens Mementos on eBay

'Break-up' memorabilia profits go to juvenile diabetes group

(Newser) - If Roger Clemens wants to get any of his stuff back from ex-trainer Brian McNamee, all he has to do is log on to eBay. McNamee, who split with Clemens in the great steroids war, is putting up everything from autographed baseballs to hats to photographs of "all the... More »

Feds Claim To Have Second Positive Bonds Drug Test

As files reopened in wake of court order

(Newser) - In the wake of Judge Susan Illston's order that Bonds' 2003 grand jury testimony be unsealed, following her critical deconstruction of the government's case, the Feds will be forced to rebuild their indictment against him. One thing they may reveal when they do is their claim of a second positive... More »

Congress Asks Justice Dept. for Clemens Probe

Bipartisan letter wants to look at star's steroids denials for perjury

(Newser) - A congressional committee today asked the Justice Department to examine Roger Clemens’ denials under oath that he used performance-enhancing drugs and determine if they constitute perjury, the AP reports. In the letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Reps. Henry Waxman and Tom Davis cite the pitcher's statements contradicting those of... More »

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