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How Shaving Brushes Spread Anthrax During World War I

CDC has a warning to people scooping up the antiques today

(Newser) - Anyone picking up a trendy antique shaving brush might want to check the date: Those made before 1930 or so have been linked to the spread of anthrax back in the day. In an interesting CDC study picked up by the Verge , researchers show how cheap, improperly disinfected brushes used... More »

Item on Antiques Roadshow Leaves Expert 'Trembling'

It's a minuscule Shakespearean notebook

(Newser) - You never know what you're going to see on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow—the things people find buried in their attics are sometimes complete junk and other times breathtakingly valuable. A tiny notebook apparently falls toward the latter category, and the appraiser's reaction to it is garnering... More »

Antiques Roadshow Said Jug Is Worth $50K. Uh, Nope

It was actually made by a high school student in 1970s

(Newser) - It's "rare" for Antiques Roadshow to make a mistake when appraising items, Time notes, but it does happen—and it happened in January in a big way. The show took a look at an item it calls " Grotesque Face Jug ," a jug with bizarre faces on... More »

Antiques Roadshow Makes $1.5M Find

Chinese rhino cups break show's record

(Newser) - An Oklahoma man has shattered Antiques Roadshow records with a set of Chinese teacups carved from rhinoceros horn. The show's experts appraised the cups, believed to be from the late 17th or early 18th century, at between $1 million and $1.5 million, making them the most valuable antiques... More »

Thieves Find $500M Treasure in Derelict Mansion

Aristocrat though home's shabby state would deter thieves

(Newser) - Spanish aristocrat Jaume Grau-Pla's cunning strategy of hiding the family treasure in a derelict mansion he thought thieves would overlook didn't work. Loot worth an estimated $500 million, including jewels and relics dating back to the 12th century, was stolen from the Catalonia mansion by thieves tipped off by a... More »

Dickens' Dog's Collar Fetches $12K

Victorian pet wear sells double great expectations

(Newser) - A dog collar sported by one of Charles Dickens' dogs fetched $11,590 at auction yesterday, outstripping sellers' greatest expectations. The leather and brass collar is inscribed with the author's name and London address. An ivory-and-gold toothpick that once belonged to Dickens sold for $9,150 at auction last year,... More »

Why We Love to Hate Anthropologie

Man Shops Globe was widely panned—but Keith Johnson is just a 'whipping boy'

(Newser) - Man Shops Globe, the show following Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson, premiered last night to much scoffing from critics—or, as Erika Kawalek calls it on DoubleX, “Anthropologie Rage.” Heather Havrilesky mocks Johnson’s job of “traveling the globe to buy enormous overpriced pieces of weird, ancient junk... More »

US to Return $10M Stolen Art Stash to Italy

'Treasure trove' of looted antiques uncovered in Chicago home

(Newser) - A huge stash of stolen artifacts found in a Chicago home will be returned to Italy by US authorities, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The artifacts—including letters written by kings and popes, and Etruscan works thousands of years old—were discovered by the homeowner's heirs after his death, and are... More »

Torture Tools For Sale to Nicest Bidder

Collection of medieval flesh-rippers to be sold to aid human rights organizations

(Newser) - A huge collection of medieval tongue tearers, thumbscrews, and assorted flesh-rippers is hitting the auction block soon, but ghouls and dictators won't be welcome bidders, the Los Angeles Times reports. The owner—moved to sell the inherited collection by the debate on Bush-era harsh interrogation—is keen to ensure it... More »

Photo May Be Last Taken of Lincoln

Grant descendant found pic in private album of Ulysses S.

(Newser) - A photograph from a private album of Ulysses S. Grant may show Abraham Lincoln in front of the White House and could be the last image taken of him before he was assassinated, a collector believes. If it is indeed Lincoln, it would be the only known photo of the... More »

Garage Yields Dusty Surprise: $4.3M Bugatti

(Newser) - A rare Bugatti sports car found in a late British doctor’s garage will be auctioned off next month and is expected to fetch at least $4.3 million for his surprised relatives, the AP reports. The Type 57S Atalante, built in 1937, is one of only 17 ever made.... More »

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