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As Pakistan Ties Sour, US Looks for Options

But Central Asia expensive, with authoritarian governments

(Newser) - As relations with Pakistan deteriorate, the US military is developing alternate supply routes to Afghanistan through central Asia, reports the Washington Post . Landlocked Afghanistan, bordered by Iran on the west and authoritarian central Asian countries to the north, is a logistical challenge at the best of times. The US wants... More »

NATO Supply Trucks Torched in Pakistan

Attack comes a day after blockade

(Newser) - Gunmen set fire to more than two dozen NATO supply trucks this morning in southern Pakistan, just a day after Pakistani authorities blocked the main supply route into Afghanistan. Attacks on supply trucks are fairly common, but the blockade made the trucks especially easy targets this time. “Around 20... More »

Pakistan Blocks NATO Supply Route

Move seems to be in retaliation for morning's helicopter strikes

(Newser) - Pakistan blocked a major NATO supply line into Afghanistan today, in apparent retaliation for a cross-border helicopter attack. A pair of NATO helicopters opened fire on a border village in Pakistan’s Kurram region this morning, killing three Frontiers Corps troops, Pakistani security tells Reuters . Within hours, roughly 100 NATO... More »

Taliban Makes Surprise Return in N. Afghanistan

Kunduz thought secure enough to move troops elsewhere

(Newser) - With US and Afghan forces focused on the southern regions of Afghanistan, the Taliban has popped up in the country’s northern Kunduz province—not only far from its home area but until recently seen as peaceful enough that soldiers and policemen have been transferred from the area to help... More »

Russia Agrees to Let US Use Airspace for Afghan War

Deal on supply lines forged ahead of Obama's Russian visit

(Newser) - Russia has agreed to let American planes transporting troops and equipment to Afghanistan fly over its airspace, the BBC reports. The deal will be officially announced next week when President Obama visits Moscow. Volatility affecting supply lines through Pakistan and Central Asia made securing such an agreement one of Obama's... More »

Kyrgyzstan Issues Eviction Notice to US

Forces have 6 months to leave; Uzbekistan offers new supply route

(Newser) - Kyrgyzstan has issued an eviction notice giving US forces six months to depart an air base key to the transit of troops and supplies to the war in Afghanistan, the AP reports. But in spite of its rocky relationship with the US, nearby Uzbekistan has offered an alternative route for... More »

Pakistan Cracks Open Afghan Supply Route

Crucial Khyber Pass has been shut for anti-Taliban campaign

(Newser) - Pakistan allowed traffic to cross the Khyber Pass today for 6 hours after closing it to help fight the Taliban, the New York Times reports. But analysts say that once the offensive is over, guerrillas who fled the area will simply return to the pass, a crucial supply route for... More »

7 Stories