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Joan Rivers Gets Her Star-Studded Sendoff

Howard Stern pays tribute to 'crazy aunt at Bar Mitzvah'

(Newser) - No word on whether Meryl Streep is crying in five different accents , but Joan Rivers' funeral is under way at Temple Emanu-El in New York, and the private event is basically one rather large name-drop. Luminaries including Howard Stern, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Kelly Osbourne,... More »

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples

Yep, they really dated

(Newser) - "Wait... they were together?" That's the reaction you'll probably have to the long list of surprising celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline , including:
  • Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves: Dated in 1992 after Coppola's famous director father worked with Reeves on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Kathy Griffin
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11 Celebs Who Regret Their Tattoos

Pro tip: Maybe don't get your lover's name in permanent ink

(Newser) - Sometimes, getting a tattoo is a really bad idea—as these 22 celebrities rounded up by Radar prove. A sampling:
  • Johnny Depp: In 1990, he got "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm, but forever turned out to be closer to four years. When he and Winona Ryder split up,
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15 Celebs Who Were Banished From Talk Shows

Madonna, Piers Morgan, and Hugh Grant were all banned

(Newser) - Ever shown a rude guest the door and slammed it hard enough to send a message? Well, talk show hosts have performed the same bold feat—and with some of the major egos of Hollywood. Styleblazer lists 15 stars who were told to never return:
  • Hugh Grant. Daily Show host
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14 Stars Who Regret Their Plastic Surgery

And they're not all female

(Newser) - We all know Heidi Montag regrets her cosmetic surgery, but you don't have to get G-cup implants to wish you hadn't gone under the knife. Radar rounds up 13 more celebrities who regret the decision:
  • Carmen Electra got a boob job, becoming a DD, and later said she
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31 Celebrity Atheists

Daniel Radcliffe, Keira Knightley, and other stars who don't believe in God

(Newser) - Not all celebrities are thanking God when they practice their Oscar acceptance speeches. CNN rounds up 31 famous atheists:
  • Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm an atheist, but I'm very relaxed about it. I don't preach my atheism, but I have a huge amount of respect for people like
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Shocking Celeb Hookups

'Really? They dated?'

(Newser) - Chances are you were not shocked when Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together . But you may be surprised to hear that Marlee Matlin dated John Stamos back in the '80s. Such is the nature of the 161 (yes, really) surprising celebrity hookups rounded up by ET Online :
  • Before
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15 Weird Celebrity Friendships

You wouldn't guess these pairs hang out as often as they do

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is good friends with ... Kathy Griffin? Yep. You might expect the comedian would spend her time mocking the socialite, but they've actually been spotted shopping and sunbathing together. Fox News rounds up 14 more "unlikely celebrity BFFs":
  • Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken: The supermodel once wrote
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Anderson Cooper to Fan: B****, What Are You Doing?

iPhone snap prompts some colorful language

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper had some choice words for a fan who tried to snap some iPhone photos of him during a 6am plane flight yesterday. "I grabbed the guy on the shoulder and I said something to the effect of, 'Bitch, what the f*** are you doing?" he told... More »

Carrey Explains Creepy Vid; Kathy Griffin Posts Her Own

It was 'a comedy routine,' he explains

(Newser) - Jim Carrey’s love video to Emma Stone wasn’t creepy, he explained on Twitter yesterday, because it was “a comedy routine.” However, that tweet continues, “the funniest part is that everything i said is tru,” and he continued, "People often ask me if i'... More »

Bachmann Security Tangles With Reporters

Pushing, even threats of violence, accuse journalists

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign is brash and boisterous—and increasingly rough with the reporters covering it, reports Politico . In less than two months, there have been at least five incidents reporters have called unusually hostile, including a Norwegian reporter who says an aide threatened to break his arm. Bachmann'... More »

Sarah Palin: Kathy Griffin Is a 'Has-Been'

Mama Palin not happy about Griffin's attacks on her kids

(Newser) - Kathy Griffin has been known to take a few swipes at the Palin family , and Mama Grizzly isn’t taking that sitting down. Asked how she feels about Griffin’s upcoming stint on Glee (rumor has it Griffin will play a Tea Party-type character inspired by Palin, Politico reports), the... More »

Scott Brown to Kathy Griffin: Lay Off My Daughters

Senator furious over 'prostitutes' remark

(Newser) - Scott Brown is fuming at comedian Kathy Griffin over a crack she made on TV about his two daughters being "prostitutes." (See video here .) The Massachusetts senator (who embarrassed the girls during his victory speech by joking they were "available") fired off an angry statement... More »

14 Scandalous Celeb Memoir Revelations

Note to Demi Moore: Here's what you should aim for

(Newser) - Demi Moore is writing a memoir, but until it comes out, we can only imagine what scandalous secrets it will reveal. In the meantime, The Frisky offers up 14 other memoirs that divulged some juicy info:
  • Carrie Fisher: In Wishful Drinking, we found out that her mom got her a
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Kathy Griffin to Televise Pap Smear

Comedian promoting cancer awareness, unconventionally

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by Tyra Banks’ televised colonic , Kathy Griffin will display her lady parts to the world by way of a televised pap smear. The comedian is saying “Suck it to Cancer,” according to her press release, and wants to show women “how easy it is to... More »

Kathy Griffin Swipes at Palin in Alaska Show

Levi Johnston escorts comic onstage

(Newser) - Comedian Kathy Griffin brought her Life on the D-List show to Sarah Palin's backyard yesterday, skewering the former Alaska governor at a raucous show in Anchorage. Griffin was escorted onstage by Playgirl model and Palin babydaddy Levi Johnston, who was in a "serious, committed relationship," er, publicity stunt,... More »

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Addicts

Heidi Montag is the latest to admit to her obsession

(Newser) - Heidi Montag recently admitted—just in time to promote the release of her album, what a coincidence!—that she is addicted to plastic surgery. But Heidi’s not the only celeb who’s gone under the knife more than a few times. Kate Torgovnick rounds up the top 10,... More »

CNN Dumps Kathy Griffin

Griffin's New Year's Eve F-bomb faux pas won't get her invited back

(Newser) - After dropping the F-bomb, asking for a “bump” of cocaine, and theorizing on Anderson Cooper’s masturbation habits on New Year’s Eve, Kathy Griffin has finally gotten herself banned from CNN...or has she? “She was a total embarrassment,” a CNN insider tells PopEater . “Even... More »

Kathy Griffin Drops F-Bomb on CNN

Does it even matter anymore? wonders Rachel Sklar

(Newser) - Just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Kathy Griffin hanging out with Anderson Cooper and saying something on live TV that makes him and the censors squirm. This year, she pretends to fumble over the name of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene. "Fal — Fuckin? Falcon? How do you say... More »

Kathy Griffin: I'm Having Levi's Baby

Comedian's Tonight Show appearance full of fun Johnston anecdotes

(Newser) - Kathy Griffin was on the Tonight Show yesterday to promote her new book Official Book Club Selection—or, rather, to discuss her "Brangelina situation" with Levi Johnston, as she described it to Conan O'Brien. "I am in a serious, committed relationship with Levi Johnston, and I resent that... More »

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