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Stonehenge Holds a 'Sonic Secret'

Some of its bluestones have acoustic properties

(Newser) - There are no shortage of theories about Stonehenge , but few are so melodious as this: A recent study carried out by the Royal College of Art in London suggests that the monument holds a "sonic secret." The researchers' theory surrounds Stonehenge's bluestones, some of which hail from... More »

Scientists Shatter Record for Longest Echo

Hidden oil storage tanks bounce gunshot around for 112 seconds

(Newser) - A network of oil storage tanks hidden in the hills of Scotland during World War II is officially the most echo-friendly man-made structure on Earth—and it's not close. The report from a blank fired into the tanks reverberated for a stunning 112 seconds, the Independent reports. The previous... More »

Sound Expert Raves About Stonehenge 'Concert' Acoustics

Early residents may have rocked out at ancient site

(Newser) - A temple, burial site, place of sacrifice ... and Neolithic concert venue? The latest research on England's endlessly fascinating Stonehenge claims the site had remarkable acoustics, ideal for amplifying trace-like rhythms, and was likely used for something like ancient religious raves. A sound expert made the discovery by analyzing the acoustics... More »

3 Stories