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Not So Fast on That 'Stolen Election' Report

Vox analysis thinks evidence is weak

(Newser) - A post at the Daily Intelligencer on Tuesday gave fresh hope to depressed Democrats who are hoping for some way, any way, to prevent a Donald Trump presidency. The article noted that a group of "prominent computer scientists and election lawyers" (including J. Alex Halderman, director of the University... More »

Minn. Recount Trial Goes to Judges

(Newser) - The Minnesota recount trial is finally out of the lawyers’ hands, with both sides claiming certain victory, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Now the judges will weigh evidence provided by Norm Coleman’s and Al Franken’s teams and decide exactly which votes to count. “It’s more likely... More »

Coleman Won't Rule Out Further Minn. Challenges

(Newser) - Norm Coleman expects a decision on the US Senate race in Minnesota within weeks, and hopes “they’ll do the right thing,” but has not decided whether to challenge a decision, Politico reports. “I’m not ruling it in or ruling it out,” he said. Coleman... More »

Franken, Coleman Meet With Senate Leaders

Washington is latest stage for Minnesota combatants

(Newser) - As Al Franken’s lawyers asked a Minnesota court to dismiss Norm Coleman’s challenge to election results there, both Senate hopefuls traveled to Washington today meet with party leaders, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. “The race in Minnesota is over with,” Harry Reid said after conferring with... More »

Coleman Loses Recount, Will Challenge Election

Board certifies results for Franken hours after court rejects Republican's attempt to count more ballots

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Canvassing Board today certified Democrat Al Franken’s victory in the US Senate race, hours after the state’s top court rejected Republican Norm Coleman’s plea to count 654 previously rejected ballots, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The defeat leaves Coleman just one option. “Today’s... More »

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