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Cops: He Stole Her Credit Card, Picked Wrong Place to Use It

Shamon West allegedly tried to pay his bill using his waitress' own card

(Newser) - The Arkansas waitress ended up getting a good tip from the table, but one of a different sort. Flora Lunsford, 58, was working a Tuesday morning shift at Shannon's Restaurant in Pine Bluff when she went to process a customer's payment, reports KATV . Thing is, the credit card... More »

Waitress's $400 Tip Was Just the First Surprise

Couple will pay off student loans of Cayla Chandara

(Newser) - It's not every day you get a 200% tip. For Hawaiian waitress Cayla Chandara, that was only the beginning. Chandara, 22, struck up a conversation with a friendly Australian couple last week at the Thai restaurant where she works in Waikiki. They got to talking and she mentioned her... More »

Couple Leaves Waitress 'Tip'— That Her Place Is in the Home

Woman in SC is single and 'humiliated'

(Newser) - A waitress in Greenville, SC, says she is "humiliated" and "heartbroken" by a handwritten "tip" she received, in lieu of a monetary tip, from a couple last week who scolded her for working outside the home, WIS-TV reports. After noting that she is a "good waitress"... More »

Wife of US' Worst-Paid Governor Is Waiting Tables

Ann LePage is saving up for a Toyota RAV4

(Newser) - Ann LePage bounded with a cup of chowder and a plate of fish and broccoli, in her first double shift at McSeagull's, a bustling restaurant touting double-wrapped bacon scallops and views of Boothbay Harbor. The wife of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage had kept a low profile for the... More »

Waitress Listens to Gut, Helps Find Missing Teens

2 girls stopped at restaurant after disappearing in Maine

(Newser) - A waitress is being called a hero after helping point parents and police to two girls who vanished in Maine last month. Lisa Stephenson was waiting tables at the Blue Crab Grill in Newark, Del., when two young girls came in asking for jobs. "They said they were traveling... More »

Court Says Casino Can Fire Servers for Gaining Weight

But it has to do so in a professional way

(Newser) - An Atlantic City casino is free to tell its cocktail waitresses they're too heavy, but it has to do so in a professional manner, according to a ruling this week. The New Jersey appeals court says the Borgata casino's personal appearance standards are lawful. But it also found... More »

Dead Diner Leaves Waitresses a Wild Tip

Robert 'King of Ming' Ellsworth hands the 2 Maureens $50K apiece

(Newser) - When famed art collector Robert "King of Ming" Ellsworth passed away last August, the 85-year-old was said to have been worth an estimated $200 million; now, two employees of his favorite NYC restaurant have something big to remember him by: $50,000 each. That's what Ellsworth, a decades-long... More »

Waitress Gets 130% Tip, Heartwrenching Note

Man's tradition of tipping his late brother's age brings tears

(Newser) - A waitress in Tennessee was brought to tears this week when a customer left her a generous tip and a moving message. Claire Hudson, 25, was serving tables at Mac's Grub Shak in Spring Hill on Sunday when a "very sweet couple" sat down and ordered beers, a... More »

Waitress Gave Limbaugh's $2K Tips to Abortion Rights

Merritt Tierce saw it as 'blood money'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's big restaurant tip ended up where he wouldn't want it: in the hands of a group supporting abortion rights. A writer who used to wait tables tells her story to the Dallas Morning News : Limbaugh came in twice while she was working, and twice left $2,... More »

Waitress Receives Huge 'Gift From God' Tip

Cracker Barrel customers impressed by her amazing story

(Newser) - A Cracker Barrel waitress in Nebraska received a special tip the other day: $100. But that was nothing compared to the $6,000 in checks the customers also left behind, the Journal Star reports. The customers walked in asking for the restaurant's grumpiest waitress, hoping to make her laugh,... More »

After Racial Slur, Waitress Gets $10K Crowd-Funded Tip

Website has fundraiser for Tennessee teen

(Newser) - It's a rotten story with a nice ending: When a Red Lobster waitress in Nashville got no tip from a patron who instead scrawled the n-word on his bill, she posted it on Facebook. From there, the folks at the Addicting Info website got wind of it and held... More »

Jodi Arias Guilty of Murdering Boyfriend

Arizona waitress convicted of first-degree murder in high-profile case

(Newser) - Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder today in the gruesome killing of her one-time boyfriend in Arizona after a four-month trial that captured headlines with lurid tales of sex, lies, religion, and a salacious relationship that ended in a bloodbath. Arias was charged with first-degree murder in the June... More »

22 Years Later, Waiters Still Work for $2.13 a Hour

Legislation could raise minimum, used in 13 states, this year

(Newser) - Many waiters are still waiting for their minimum wage to rise—which it hasn't in more than two decades. The federal minimum for servers is set at $2.13 an hour, though if they don't make at least the regular minimum of $7.25 when tips are added... More »

Well-Mannered Kids Earn a Restaurant Discount

Receipt becomes an Internet hit

(Newser) - Another restaurant receipt has gone viral, but this one has a happier story behind it than the last one . The King family of Washington state went out for pizza and discovered to their surprise that the restaurant gave them a $4 discount on the receipt for "well behaved kids.... More »

Pastor Sorry After Tip Snub Costs Waitress Her Job

Applebee's fires server who posted receipt online

(Newser) - A St. Louis pastor tells the Smoking Gun she is "heartbroken" over the brouhaha that erupted online this week over a tip she refused to leave. It was a "lapse in my character and judgment," Alois Bell says of the incident that resulted in an Applebee's... More »

Waitress Sues Cops for $12K 'Gift' From Diner

Minnesota police confiscated what they say is drug money

(Newser) - A Minnesota waitress who says a customer told her to keep a box with $12,000 in it has sued police who later impounded the cash as suspected drug money. Stacy Knutson of Moorhead filed a lawsuit asking that the cash be returned to her. She said she believes the... More »

How You're Coming Across to Your Waiter

Restaurants increasingly training waiters to 'read' tables

(Newser) - Gone are the days of, "Hi, my name is Tom and I'll be your server tonight." Restaurants are increasingly moving toward a less scripted approach, teaching waiters how to "read" tables and subtly mold their service to fit each individual group. The Wall Street Journal offers... More »

Waitress Gets Revenge on Rude, Cheap Customer

And she may get a 100% tip out of the mess

(Newser) - A crazy story about a waitress getting gipped and insulted by a customer just may have a happy ending: The tale began last weekend when Seattle waitress Victoria Liss collected a bill from a customer who wrote in "0" on the tip line and added, "P.S. You... More »

Waitresses, Increase Your Tips by Standing Closer

Study shows leaning in makes a big difference

(Newser) - Want to increase your tips? Stand closer to the customers you’re serving. The Harvard Business Review ’s Daily Stat points to a study that showed waitresses who stood about 6 inches from patrons, as opposed to 2.5 feet, improved their tips by 22.6%. The study, originally... More »

Waitress Fired for Facebook Rant About Rotten Tip

Cheap customers spark message about NC restaurant

(Newser) - A North Carolina waitress learned about the dangers of social networking the hard way when she lost her job after griping on Facebook about penny-pinching customers. Ashley Johnson served a couple at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte who had a 3-hour lunch—forcing her to work an hour after the end... More »

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