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Best Liveblogs Covering the Inauguration

From politics to traffic, these sources have DC's big day covered

(Newser) - In the 4 years since the last inauguration, news organizations have embraced live-blogging to offer running commentary on big events. Some of the most interesting inaugural liveblogs:
  • Politico Live, the Washington news source's live feed, is covering the politics and the spectacle of the day. It reports that Rep. James
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Hackers Hijack Mac Site, Falsely Report Jobs' Death

(Newser) - Hackers today attacked an Apple gossip site covering the Macworld convention and falsely reported Steve Jobs’ death on a live blog, CNET reports. The hack is likely the work of shadowy collective 4Chan, which is also responsible for the “Anonymous” attacks on Scientology. The attack, which included random insertions... More »

2 Stories