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Dogs Aren't Human—But They're Close

Their rise raises the question: What rights does a dog have?

(Newser) - When your dog's “soulful eyes” watch you, trying to discern your needs, it’s easy to forget the animal is not your child or your “wing man,” John Homans writes. Dogs have moved off the farm and into our homes, where they eat gourmet diets, relax in... More »

Fido, Fetch My Tax Break!

Longshot GOP bill wants to make pet expenses deductible to boost economy

(Newser) - A bill with appealing benefits for pet owners and advocates alike is crawling through Congress, though it’ll probably be put down without ceremony. The HAPPY Act proposes pet expenses be tax deductible up to $3,500 a year, as a way to stimulate the economy and, of course, encourage... More »

Flocke Gets Russian Comrade

(Newser) - Celebrity polar bear Flocke has a new companion, the AP reports. The Nuremberg Zoo's resident superstar was a little tense upon meeting the unnamed 1-year-old Russian polar bear, but the two soon teamed up for some joyous romping. The new bear arrived from Moscow in late December and will remain... More »

3 Stories