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Elizabeth as Enabler: Ambition Drove Them Both

(Newser) - Questioning Elizabeth Edwards’ motives may be a “modern sacrilege,” but Kathleen Parker is doing it anyway. Yes, she’s endured a lot, but she’s the one who dragged herself back into the public spotlight with her book. “Victimhood is a reliable insulator against criticism, but something... More »

Coulter Talks Today 'Ban' ... on Today

Critics not exactly impressed with Peacock's kowtowing

(Newser) - Ann Coulter parlayed her non-appearance on NBC’s Today Show yesterday into a session with Matt Lauer this morning, Hamilton Nolan writes on Gawker. “She is that person you didn't want to invite to the party, but did, and then wished you hadn't,” writes Nolan. Fully two minutes... More »

2 Stories