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God Doesn't Care About Touchdowns

But Tim Tebow is still a 'great story,' says Fran Tarkenton

(Newser) - All the hoopla over prayerful Denver quarterback Tim Tebow and his "miraculous" pass against the Steelers comes down to a key issue: There's no way God really cares about who wins football games. There are "far more important things going on in the world," former star... More »

No Time For Faith? Try a Podcast

Practitioners of all stripes distill religious teaching for on-the-go Americans

(Newser) - Overscheduled Americans are fueling a boom in devotional books and media that mete out bite-sized doses of faith, the Los Angeles Times reports. An editor at a Christian book house calls its One Minute Bible “a ready-made, quick little devotion they can do every day.” But it’s... More »

2 Stories