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Dogs Are Expert Readers... of You

We're accidentally training our pups all the time

(Newser) - Dogs know when we’re paying attention to them—and when we’re looking the other way, a study suggests. Pairs of experimenters carrying treats stood equidistant from a dog and called out to it. One of the pair had her back to the dog, while the other faced it—... More »

'Pup Perfumes' Soothe Fido

Pheromones don't work for everybody, but calm some

(Newser) - Businesses are churning out pet "pheromone perfumes" to give Fido—and Puff—the kinds of smells they require to keep calm and happy. The pheromones can be sprayed, hooked up to a dog collar, and plugged into wall sockets for room coverage to diffuse chemical compounds aimed at soothing... More »

Bedbug Dogs Sniff Out Bloodsuckers

Trained hounds in high demand as infestations rise

(Newser) - The resurgence of an old pest has created new jobs for dogs. Bedbug infestations have soared in American cities over the last four years, creating boom times for exterminators, especially those using canny canines trained to detect the tiny suckers. Handlers say the dogs can expertly sniff out infestations and... More »

Dogs Trained to Heal Iraq Vets' Mental Scars

'Psychiatric service' pooches respond to PTSD sufferers' needs

(Newser) - The golden retriever nuzzles his master as though he wants a treat, trots into the kitchen, and waits patiently. His master walks over and, under the pet’s watchful gaze, takes a series of pills. The dog wags his tail with approval. He is a psychiatric-service dog, part of a... More »

Mean Trainers Make Mean Dogs

(Newser) - Dog owners who try to tame their pets by acting aggressive themselves will only make matters worse, LiveScience reports. A new study in Applied Animal Behavior Science presents sobering news for advocates of tough love. Those who hit, kick, growl at, or confront their dogs in similar ways are more... More »

Dog Tale Unleashes Backlash

Marley & Me is 'toxic hazard,' critics charge

(Newser) - The most popular movie in the country has an enemy at the Los Angeles Times. TV critic Scott Collins says Marley & Me "represents a toxic hazard to dog owners as well as anyone who ever comes near a dog—basically everyone, in other words." Collins reminds... More »

6 Stories