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Warren: Time to Bust Up Google, Amazon

Presidential candidate is going after the giants of tech

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren wants a fair playing field in the marketplace—and she's going after Big Tech to make it happen. "To restore the balance of power in our democracy, to promote competition, and to ensure that the next generation of technology innovation is as vibrant as the last,... More »

A Snake Needs a Name: Your Ex's

Aussie zoo contest lets you explain why its resident reptile deserves your ex's moniker

(Newser) - The brown snake of Australia is among the most poisonous in the world, which is apparently why a zoo Down Under has decided to let you name one of them after your ex. That is, if you win Wild Life Sydney's Valentine's Day contest, which is giving competitors... More »

Six Flags Offers Macabre Challenge, With a $300 Prize

If you can tough it out in a coffin for 30 hours, your wallet could get a cash infusion

(Newser) - If you've been dying to take a 30-hour nap in a coffin and wouldn't mind getting $300 at the end of your repose, Six Flags St. Louis has just the Halloween-themed happening for you. Per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , that's how much the theme park is offering... More »

Meet World's New 'Ugliest Dog'

125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff brought home top spot in contest

(Newser) - Martha is big, ugly, lazy, and gassy. And a world champion. In a competition annually dominated by the old, the tiny, and the hairless, the 3-year-old, 125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff used her lollygagging youth to win the 29th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Per the AP , she was a favorite... More »

Monster Truck's Trick Has People Flipping Out

It's the first front-end flip in the sport

(Newser) - Monster trucks are already show stoppers in all their car-smashing, mud-drenched glory, but one driver decided it was time to up the game for everyone in motorsports. At the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, driver Lee O’Donnell brought down the house by performing the first-ever monster... More »

DC Bar Owners Sue Trump Over 'Unfair Competition'

They want him to close his new hotel or divest

(Newser) - Is it fair for local bars and restaurants in Washington, DC, to have to compete with a restaurant owned by the president of the United States in a building he leases from the federal government? Diane Gross and Khalid Pitts, owners of the Cork Wine Bar, think not, and they'... More »

School District May Stop Honoring Its Valedictorians

Indiana officials worry honoring No. 1 student is fostering 'unhealthy competition'

(Newser) - While colleges debate the use of trigger warnings and safe spaces, administrators in Indiana's Greater Clark School District are worrying about one word in particular they say may cause students angst, SheKnows reports, via MSN . That word is "valedictorian," a title the district is mulling dumping in... More »

STEM Shocker: Intel Drops Science Contest

Company has been supporter of prestigious high school competition since 1998

(Newser) - "Wanted: Respected corporation with deep pockets and deep roots in the STEM arena to take over prestigious science and math competition." That's basically the ad the Society for Science and the Public now has to place to replace Intel, which has announced it will no longer sponsor... More »

EU Parliament Says It's Time to Break Up Google

Nonbinding move calls for search to be separated from other services

(Newser) - Europe's parliament has made a statement with a nonbinding vote: Google, the body says, needs to be divided. The European Parliament doesn't actually have power over antitrust matters, the New York Times reports, but the vote says that the EU's competition commissioner should "consider proposals aimed... More »

Tall-Tale Tellers Vie for Best Lie

Politicians, lawyers banned from contest

(Newser) - Fantastic fibbers are gathering at a remote pub in northwestern England today to vie for the title of world's biggest liar. The annual competition is held at the Bridge Inn in the Lake District hamlet of Santon Bridge. Contestants have five minutes to impress the judges with a whopping... More »

Obama Addicted to Winning

From politics to card games, he's a competitor

(Newser) - President Obama's winning instinct isn't just about elections: The president is highly competitive in most facets of life, whether it's card-playing or reading a story to children. And he's not shy about his drive, reports the New York Times . To wit: He told a fundraising crowd... More »

Romney Family Vacation Is Competitive, Mandatory

No one can skip contest sports, family grill sessions

(Newser) - What kind of president would Mitt Romney make? For some clues, take a look at his summer family vacation, where attendance by his grown sons and their families is mandatory, the days are packed with competitive games, and the little girls posed for the annual group photo last year in... More »

Sorry, Google: Apple to Launch Map Service

iPhone's Google ties weaken

(Newser) - The iPhone is fighting a war for independence from Google Maps, with Apple looking to launch its own mapping service. Long an inextricable part of the iPhone experience, Google Maps will no longer be the device's default navigator, if all goes according to Apple's plan. The Cupertino company'... More »

The Great American Trap: Competition

Paypal founder shows that US instead needs 'creative monopolists'

(Newser) - Peter Thiel spent most of his life competing. He competed to get into Stanford, and then Stanford Law, and then to become a clerk for a federal judge. But it was when he lost a competition—to become a Supreme Court clerk—that Thiel became a real success, founding PayPal... More »

Google Sues the Government

Government contracts guilty of killing competition, says suit

(Newser) - Google is suing the Department of the Interior, accusing it of unfairly favoring Microsoft's products in consideration for a government contract, Mashable reports. The DOI is looking for a client to supply an email and collaboration service for its 88,000 employees and contractors, but it has a clause that... More »

10 Nerdiest Contests Ever

If you can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 7 seconds, prepare for glory

(Newser) - You may not have realized it, but last weekend people got together in Europe to compete at "speedcubing." To the uninformed, that's the act of solving a Rubik's Cube—really fast. (The current record? 7.08 seconds.) Time lists nine more extremely geeky competitions:
  • Muggle Quidditch: Yes,
... More »

Okay, Okay, I Praise China Too Much

Thomas Friedman: But it's because I'm worried about us

(Newser) - China is mocking us. At this year’s World Economic Forum, they aired a cartoon in which a runner representing America fell over panting, while others teased, “He ate too many hamburgers.” And given China’s incredible growth, they have room to tease, says Thomas Friedman in today’... More »

Fertile Women Buy Sexier Clothes

But it's for the sake of other women

(Newser) - Women are more likely to pick out sexy clothes when they’re ovulating, particularly if they think they have competition for potential partners, scientists say. A new study says women subconsciously lean toward the skimpy and seductive if they’re ovulating and see other attractive women nearby. “In order... More »

Bing Pushes Google Into Innovation War

New features coming fast and furious

(Newser) - Google has been adding features lately—like its new side navigation, revamped image search, and customizable background image—that look an awful lot like ideas nabbed from Bing, the New York Times observes. Though Bing still has a mere 12.7% of the search market, compared to Google’s 62.... More »

Obama Puts Kid to Sleep at Commencement

Kalamazoo Central student dozes through reward for winning video

(Newser) - Barack Obama yesterday presented Kalamazoo Central High School's class of 2010 with their reward for winning his "Race to the Top" video competition: a commencement address from him. Thousands of students submitted inspiring videos about their schools; you can see Kalamazoo's over at the Huffington Post . Or cut to... More »

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