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Science Unravels Secret of Indian Cuisine

Flavors don't overlap as they do in Western cuisine

(Newser) - The secret to why Indian cuisine has such a distinctive taste is a little more complicated than knowing how much curry or tamarind to drop in. It all has to do with flavor compounds—and how Indian dishes take the opposite approach from Western dishes toward them. In the West,... More »

Meet the Next Chipotle: Bombay Bowl

Indian restaurants following assembly-line model

(Newser) - Chipotle gained success by serving up Mexican food assembly-line style, and a new crop of Indian restaurants is now following that model. The New York Times takes a look at the growing niche, focusing in particular on Bombay Bowl in Denver, where the employee T-shirts promise "Simple Food. Endless... More »

India Struggles to Create Astronaut 'Space Curry'

(Newser) - One of the biggest challenges of India’s burgeoning space program is culinary, the London Times reports. Researchers at the country’s defense science lab are struggling to adapt the complex, spicy national cuisine into something that will work in space. “Curry tends to be spicy, high in fat... More »

Cheap and Comforting: Food Trends for 2009

Gourmet outlines how we'll eat well in the downturn

(Newser) - With a recession weighing on our minds (and wallets), Gourmet breaks down new home cooking trends for 2009:
  • Drinking will, unsurprisingly, be on the rise, with a wider variety of high-end spirits for simple homemade cocktails.
  • Simple ingredients like large beans will be central in a new wave of easy,
... More »

4 Stories